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Do you think they will ever realize they are the problem?

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My friends kids are in their late 30s and were totally spoiled with a indulgent yet over bearing Mother. The oldest has never married and still lives with her mother. She is 38. Yes 38. She went away for college and moved back home and never moved out. She does have a job by has never been able to make a relationship last. She is now looking for sperm so she can have a child even though she still lives wh her mom. Her youngest daughter is 36 and divorced with two kids. She had a fiancé who she recently broke things off with. The guy seemed normal but a total doormat to her brats. She was verbally abusive towards him and he finally left so she dumped him. Both of these women are now single. The youngest is behind in her mortgage and about to lose her home. Do you think these people ever self reflect enough to realize they are the problem?

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Sounds like your friend is a huge part of the problem as well. Who lets their late 30s kids move back in with them?

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This kind of extreme failure to launch, signifies something not right with the way these women were parented.  And she was doing them no favours allowing them to live with her in their 30s. 

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How dare you suggest that THEY are the problem, they know that they are NOT, it is everybody else.

No, people like that do not "self reflect". They have never even heard of it.

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Just because she isn’t married doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with her. I hate that stereotype about older unwed women. Yes, living with mom is odd at that age, but if it’s working for them, who cares. It’s not unheard of. Maybe she had a ton of student debt? Maybe she is saving her money and has a large amount that you don’t know about. Maybe she doesn’t want to waste money on rent. Who knows, but who cares, not your problem, and I don’t even see any real problem anyhow. 

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This is true, and a very good point. I didn't get married until I was 47, though I didn't live at home past 22.  But in some cultures, it's normal to live with parents if you aren't married.

The other one moving back in seems problematic, though.

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The problem?  Those "kidult's" parents.  Overbearing mommy for making them so enmeshed and dependent.. and your friend for allowing his EX to cripple his children.

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Delusional dipshits rarely gain clarity that they are what is wrong in their own lives.  I would say that though these two failed adult daughters are definately their own problem, the root cause is mommy. She is the common denominator in this tripartide equation.

Someone needs to make it their mission to keep their noses rubbed in the stench of the stinky spot they have created on the carpet of their lives.  

I would say that the 36yo breeder is not the one who broke it off when her former fiance left. He broke it off when he left.