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Didn't know they really did this

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So for the last 6 months we thought that SS15 braces were coming off. We would go in and they would say "next time we will do the mold and get the braces off" Every time he goes in they say another reason

The original CO stated that SO would provide dental and health and they would split the co-pays and any dental not covered by insurance. Up to date SO has paid half of everything.

Prior to going to court for full custody of SS15 and not to pay child support there was an outstanding balance of $620 that was BM's bill. She has not yet paid it. The new CO states that SO is financially responsible for all of SS15 and she is responsible for SS19. She has not paid one cent towards anything since that date and has only given SS19 $50 cash when they saw him.

Well the ortho called SO this morning and told him that BM will not answer any calls and they called her husband who yelled that they were not getting one damn cent from them, do not care that it was her bill prior to us getting full custody and new CO and hung up. The told SO that they will not take the braces off until its paid because the balance will just go to collections and they will never get it.

I have heard horror stories but didn't really think they could do this.

Just another dead beat!!!

On a sad note - just learned that Jim Nabors passed away. Sad

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Nope. The bill is from the time the braces were put on until the new CO issued stating that SO was responsible for ALL of SS15's bills. We have paid every time we have taken him.

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The orthodontist took MSD and SS's braces off the first month BM didn't pay. SS just told us that. They were totally PASed out at the time so we didn't even know about it.

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:jawdrop: Wow. SO is pissed because he kept telling them that if that was the reason they weren't taking them off then let him know and the bill would get paid. The billing lady (who happens to be a soon to be X-inlaw of BM) just kept telling him no don't worry we will get ahold of BM>

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I don't see how that is not medical malpractice. Report them to your state medical board. I would think dentists would fall under that or may they have their own governing organization. I'd be in that office raising hell. I don't see how it is ethical to keep braces on when they don't need to be. Maybe you could find another orthodontist who would remove them?

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I would report it, BM's outstanding Bill has nothing to do with SS or DH, it was prior to CO changes,

EDIT to ADD: CAn't DH's lawyer write a very nice letter to the dentist..