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did you see NY INK today? that girl need ST!!!

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so im cooking and my tv is on tlc channel and ny ink is on. im listening and then i hear the conversation between these two girls about a possible boyfriend. the girl that is about to start a relationship tells the friend that she really likes the guy but that the fact that he has a kid makes her nervous. the friend goes on to tell her that she is a mother and that the advise she can give her is that she needs to take it slow (yeah slowly away from him). wait thats not all she continues to say its good that the guy has a kid that it means he is responsible and hard working. she also says that dating a person with a child is a positive thing because you can learn a lot about life (and disgusting BMs) and show the girl some responsibility.

poor girl needs a new friend she need am ST friend.

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More like "the bleached blonde leading the bleached blonde!" Having a kid makes him responsible???? It just makes him fertile and likely to knock you up, you stupid idiot!!!!!

Seriously, did our public schools not teach ANYTHING in health class?????

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jajaja fertile!!! thats what i got from my sister before i married my husband. she said " well at least you know he can you pregnant". not so funny at the time but now it is.

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lol you're right we might see someone with the inked or ny ink nickname in here in the next weeks (wait thats not funny. it just means another tortured soul Sad Sad joining in). she might have a facebook account where we can just send her the link to our site that way she will see what its like.

she needs to fly!!! Smile