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DH Treats Adult SS Like a Child

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After watching my DH treat his soon to be 18 year old son like a child, I'm about ready to just go off. It doesn't look to me at ALL like this kid has EVER had any repercussions to his actions in the slightest.

He's a good kid - despite being a huge slob and gets away with murder - he's a good kid. BUT - his dad allows him to do anything he wants.

He turns 18 in 3 months - his dad does his laundry. It's just flung on the laundry room floor and daddy takes care of it. I have went downstairs and found the floor covered in clothes - my DH's as well as his son's. Dryer is full, so is the washer. In order for me or my daughter to do laundry we have to clean up the mess..and we are BOTH sick of cleaning up after them.

SS left the lawnmower out in the lawnmover, mind you. Now it barely works..instead of my DH taking some sort of disciplinary action towards his son he just bitches about how it doesn't work and he may be having to buy a new one. SS was told to put it away and said his usual "I'll do it later" and it sat out thru numerous rain storms in the back part of our yard. We didn't notice it was left out until we went back towards the shed and found it right where he left it days before. Nothing was done.

Bags from our cornhole game were left out in the rains due to SS and his friends playing target practice with each other's heads..they are ruined due to the beans inside being ruined by all the water. He "claims" SS is going to buy new bags....I'll believe that when I see it.

SS leaves empty water bottles and empty pop cans out in our backyard..just throws them in the yard. DH has seen them and went off to me about it..yet when asking SS he comes up with his usual "I don't know how they got there" or "It was my friends" routine.

And then all is forgotten.

If dishes are left in the sink....and SS will NOT wash his dishes DH does them.
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My daughter is 19 and I would ring her neck for leaving such a mess. To watch it unfold in front of me and nothing get done about it..unreal!

Our basement...which is supposed to be a family basement...looks and smells like a huge pile of shit. It's so messy that it looks like a cyclone has went thru it. All due to my SS and his friends hanging out down there.

I have heard at LEAST 50 times the basement "had better be cleaned!" - only to find it looking the same every day and the friends still hanging out and the same shit smell coming from it.

I am beginning to REALLY be angry with my DH a hell of a lot more than I am at my in the hell do you let your grown child act like this in a house??

And then no consequences to any action??? Am I missing something???

Okay..vent over..just having a bad day....