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DD11 just hit puberty TODAY!

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Luckily, she did not freak out and she was at her great grandparents house since I'm working and they're on Christmas break still. A quick run to the dollar store for her great-grandma (can you imagine the look she got from the cashier, buying pads at her age?!) LMAO! 

Anyways, I love my DD to the ends of the earth, but she is not very "clean" personal hygiene wise. If I do not stay on her butt about taking a shower, she will go the entire weekend without taking one. We all know we cannot do that on your period, because we will stink! So, I've recently made her a list of things she should be doing every morning and night (shower, wash face, moisturize, brush hair and teeth), is there anything else I should add or any tips/tricks from you all who have gone through the puberty phase with your own DD ? 

Thanks so much! 

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Teach her about disposal of the pads and emptying trash, how often to check/change them, tampon safety if she will use them (risk of toxic shock syndrome if left in too long), make sure to carry extras, wear dark pants, carry change of clothes if possible or a sweatshirt to tie around waist just in case...that's all i've got. My daughter was also young when she started but she got better with hygiene afterwards out of necessity. 

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I agree with Rumple, teach her to wash her own sheets and underwear when she leaks as well, and to clean it up ASAP, don't let it sit and fester and stain.

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PLEASE teach her to wrap her used products in tp before sticking in trash can.This includes tampon tubes.

some women are just down right gross and disgusting.

Here is something I went thru with my girls. ...PMS is real but it is NOT a  free pass to treat everyone like garbage.  I had to snap my girls out of that. It is like it is some weird badge of honor with school girls????

NOPE in my house it isnt.

Wow, 11 is young. I was a very late bloomer I guess Wink

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American Doll has a line of books.  They have 2 that are focused on this very topic.  You can get them on Amazon. I've raised 3 daughters to launch and working on my 4th, she's 11.   I also bought her a copy of "Are you there God, it's me Margaret" .   

As head female in the house, you set the standards.  Period.  (see what I did there? lol)

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PLEASE teach her to wrap her used products in tp before sticking in trash can.This includes tampon tubes.

Yes, please! ^^^^

BM never taught SD this. I felt so bad for her, she had no idea.

I don't think SD really appreciated it at the time, but when she was that age, I started buying her the body wash/lotion sets, hoping that she would start caring more about her hygiene. We taught her about mouth wash, flossing, the whole bit. She didn't much like it at the time but it did stick with her.

You can also have "girls night" with her, doing hygiene things, to make it seem more of a pampering thing than a "have to" thing.