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Dad's new GF

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Stumbled across this gem from SNL - enjoy!! Ellen is amazing. I'm sure this skit is what it's really like for many of you. LOL

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I'm sorry, darlin'. Just a skit where Dad's girlfriend is treated like crap because she's not their mom. Then dad boots her out because she can't make eggnog like his ex-wife did. LOL

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Lol this should be part of the standard issue of curricula that all SM's should watch before entering a step relationship.

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I wish I had a transcript for those who can't see it. It's pretty spot on.

I don't know if you guys can search for an SNL skit titled "Dad's New Girlfriend" with Will Ferrel and Ellen Degeneres.

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Lol...very accurate to many SM experiences
Good thing both skids were still young(2-3yo) when their dad got a new gf.

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And this is why those who enter into relationships with prior relationship breeders need to keep the locksmith on speed dial so they can rekey the locks in a hurry.


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LOL!! Thank you for the fantastic laugh this morning - thanks for sharing! This is spot on.

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Anyone scroll through the commenst? Looks like a lot of skids didn't think the skit was funny.

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Well that's because they're perfect? Remember? That kind of behavior is TOTALLY justified... Because OBVIOUSLY she's a fraud. Bleck!

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I scanned the comments. Funnier than heck!!!! Both the skit and the comments.


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Lol I watched it through a VPN as couldn’t get it here omg it’s so true!! Mad me fee very sad but hope it hits a nerve somewhere with stupid adult sds!

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I was in between laughing and OMG, this is IT!!!!

What a crack up, and the comments are great. "I feel sad for Nancy!"

Well Halleluja.

And then you need to watch "Daddys Home". Will farrel in the opposing role of step parent. Biggrin

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Lucky GF, they ran her off. She's the winner her for sure, no years, years, and years of trying.

This video should be a requirement before marrying anyone with grown kids.

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Hilarious! DH wondered what I was laughing at so I started the video over. He didn't laugh or even crack a smile, guess it hit to close to home for him.