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Crying Stepdaughter!

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My stepdaughter (she will be 5 next week) is a brat. And yes it is my husband's fault! No matter what I tell her to do she cries. For example, I tell her go put your shoes on - she cries. I say its time to get a bath - she cries. I can say its time to get up and get dressed for church - she cries. Why? Because I told her to do all these things and not her father. When he tells her the exact things - NO TEARS! I believe its a control mechanism she uses. What do you think?

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:O That won't do anything except to worsen the problem. Best way to approach the problem would be with positive words to stop the water works.

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Stepmom tries to be a parent.

Skid responds with ridiculousness.

Dad doesn't help or support stepmom.

Stepmom should back off and let dad do it himself.

Simple, proven, effective.

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My SD15 is a crier. I hate these girls that just cry at the drop of a hat over everything. SD15 used to keep locking herself in the bathroom crying all the time. It was pathetic.

Does your SD keep crying when you walk away? If she does, then it’s just for attention.

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Ok lets try the very gentle approach to this child. Some children are like this where others, you look at them and they burst out into tears for what looks like no reason. The reason is there of course and it's insecurity.

I used to be a nanny to a child like that after I graduated from HS to try and pay and go to nursing school. This was just one of many jobs I had during that time. Any way back to the child you have. She will cry at anything you can say lets go have fun down the street at the park and she will burst out into tears.

Now the approach to take with this child the next time she burst out into tears; Please put on your shoes we are going out in 5 minutes; "child bursts out subbing". Your reaction well don't you want to put on your shoes to have fun out like you were hoping for? The child will turn around and look at you her thoughts now are on "Having Fun."

Tears are this child's weakness, she was born like this and she didn't ask to be this way. If her baby sitter asked her to get ready for story time most likely she would burst out into tears too. This is simply how this child is.

Now how do I know? years of baby sitting looking after children under 12 in a pediatric ward.

Please don't be affected by the tears, she will grow out of it and the less you react to it the better her behavior will get.

Good Luck

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My patience level would have me saying "I'll give you something to cry about if you don't stop crying." if you're dh doesn't want you to address this with her then he shouldn't have you deal with her. Oh coddling fathers.....they make monsters out of their kids this way.