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Crossing the 'mother son' relationship line? ...

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Hi everyone !

It's been a while since I've posted on here, partly because skid was not in the picture, partly because I have been busy with a new edition, and then because I thought maybe the step issues / in law issues had resolved themselves- wrong.

Anyway, this really has nothing to do with skid I'm just curious what everyone else thinks, I'd like everyone's opinion..

DH is 32 years old, his overbearing, interfering mother somewhere in the 50's I think. Anyway, she has always been very clingy to DH, overbearing, borderline creepy. I noticed DH phone light up yesterday with a text from her, I opened the text and read it, along with the previous 4 texts from both sides which read:

MIL - 'I love you son'
DH - 'Love u to mum'
MIL - 'I love you more'
DH - 'I Love you more' .... And so on.


DH often texts these little lovey dovey messages to me and I felt physically ill reading the same texts... To his mother.


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Good, so it's not just me then.

Overbearing is one thing, but initiating conversations like that with your 32 year old son is strange, and for him to have the same convos with his mum that he has with his wife is vomit inducing.

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That is disgusting honestly, aren't they embarrassed?

Did you ever say anything?

I would love for him to know how disgusted I am by it but right now I don't think I could find a nice enough way to express that

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Ok so at least you and DH are on the same page and both think it's crossing the line.

Mine on the other hand, seems to go along with (and has even initiated) the back and forth. It's not the first time I've seen it, I was however hoping I wouldn't ever see it again and tried to delete from my mind.


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Ok so I can't seem to find much, someone enlighten me.. Maybe I'll get a laugh out of DHs creepy behaviour!

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How about: "Don't send the same sappy messages you send your mother. That is just skeevy. Grow up and engage with your wife as a man and quit engaging with your mother like you are a toddler."

How is that for a thought?

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I have seen it before between the two of them and told him I thought it was really strange and I was physically turned off him because of it, he seemed genuinely embarrassed and I don't remember him saying much.

But not sure why I've seen it again after bringing it to his attention before. It's obviously a conversation they have regularly.

Needless to say I am really looking forward to the next time I get the 'I love you more' text from him

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I wouldn't text him back with that. You really should t cross that line with his mother. She isn't going to be around long and he will resent you if you keep pushing that issue