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Covid cases

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HI parents in BC with the cases going up like crazy are you guys still doing the vistition ? we stopped before when they were like 400 at the beginning now its like 3000 more per day, do we still keep going ? thanks have a great day. 

2 kids 9 and 16 every other weeekend visition Friday at 500 to sunday at 1200 noon 

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Not in BC or even in Canada, but I think that's probably a personal decision to be made between the parents, depending on the needs of the child and the adults in the home. If everyone is vaccinated and boosted (if possible) most people will be okay if they get covid, but if they are high-risk it might not be worth the chance. 

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I have a very low immune system the meds im on for colitis lowers it to a point that i catch cold and flus super easy 

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That might be a reason for them not to visit for a couple weeks - or at least to take home tests before they come over.  I assume your DH isn't on board with it, though? 

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he is on board kinda lol, he keeps saying he wants to see his kids but also wants to keep me safe. its all very congusing. i work he woeks we both go to stores, banks liquore stores ect,,, but the plus is we waer our masks out there and sanitize all the time , when the kids are over no masks, close areas that we sit as its a small space ect... 

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they would have to line up and get them done, i for reason do not think she will do that , the sites here are so backed up a friend of mine went has been waiting 3 hours . itts so unorgainzed, i wish more place had these tests available Sad she works full time as will , i just dont think she would be willing to do that to be honest, if the kits were easier to get im sure she would, but to take of work and wait for hours i dunno

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Gotcha - we have home test kits (take 10 minutes) here in the US, sounds like you don't. 

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No no we have those, but i cant find any at the moment, you have to go to the covid tests and wait they hand you a home test kit and you go home to do it 

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I see - yes, they are sold out here right now, but they gave away some free ones recently.

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Canadians can get them too.. but not sure what kind of supply might be out there right now.  We were able to walk into a CVS in FL last week and buy 4 tests off the shelf but I know availability can be scarce.  I just checked Amazon and they don't appear sold out but have a week or two out delivery window.

My thoughts would be to try to get some of the at home kits either at a store or have them shipped.  Maybe skip visit until they come in.. DH can go and pick them up.. test them before he brings them home.

If you are out and about doing other stuff then you are accepting some risk already and can't really justify a complete ban on visitation.... you may need to update the mask protocol in your home?  and update your sanitization procedures.  Maybe you skip the family dinners.  I think it's important to try to allow your husband to have some level of visitation.  


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I just ordered tests on Amazon today, they will be here on Monday. 2 for $20. 

I don't know if that helps but even if you put in an order and have to wait a couple of weeks for the tests, you can make a decision after that. 

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Keep checking Amazon. I ordered some 2 weeks ago that arrived today - ordered some 2 days ago that will be here tomorrow. It is very hit and miss, but worth checking.

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I don't know how it's viewed in BC/Canada re travel and custody visitation, but in the States it seems that continuing visitation is what the courts support/require.

I mean, I am all for a short term departure from visitation for an isolated risk elevated situation.  But, to use this as a long term.. reason to deny visitation in your home?  I'm not so sure that is as reasonable.

Do your husband and yourself 100% isolate in your home otherwise and come in contact with zero other people?  Because even if masking/ vaxxed or careful... if you go to the store.. go to work.. you are risking exposure there.  So, if you are talking about a large spike situation where you are both isolating for your health?  I think it's maybe reasonable to skip a visitation or two and switch it out with days when the risk subsides a bit again.  But, if you are asking if you can long term ask your husband to not see his kids?  I'm not sure that is right.

There is always the possibility he could exercise his visitation outside the home and maybe isolate elsewhere for a few days before he returned to your place?  or alternately, if you had family you could visit that would be safe or something to avoid direct exposure.. I guess you could also isolate in your home a bit too.  

You might also ask your DR what they recommend.  I have a coworker with an immune compromise issue and he has gotten some different booster shots to help him.  there might be options for you to that would help. 

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If you are out there with a ton of people... you have been out there with the non-mask wearers.. the ineffective mask wearers.. the under the nose wearers etc... 

I am also over the Covid.. but still trying to be reasonably prudent..haha.

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As I understand it, at least in the US, COVID does not impact visitaiton or CS and failure to surrender a kid for visitaiton or failure to pay CS due to "COVID" is not a get out of jail free card. As usual, the NCP can decline any visitation they choose to decline and the CP remains on the hook for care of the child.

As for testing, we keep self tests on hand.  Order them and have them delivered. All of the orders we have made have committed delivery dates of 2wks or so out. They have been delivered within 3 days.   I would make them all self test and provide negative results before each visitation.

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i cant find kits at the momemt they are handed out at covid testing sites with huge lines. i will keep a eye out 

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We found them online and ordered from two different sources.  A total of 7 tests.  They wre delivered in a few days though they were not supposed to arrive until mid Jan. The first set of three were delivered followed by the second set of 4 a couple of days later. 

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You should have your husband do that.  He can procure the tests.  Tell him that's the condition for the kids coming over... that he tests them prior.  He can order online. go to the drug store.. stand in line on his lunch hour.. his kids..his responsibility

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I know this is an old topic, but I'll just add that being a stepparent s%cks with COVID. My DH and I were very careful. I work from home, he goes to work. We go to the grocery store, but are always masked and rarely went anyplace else. We've taken one weekend road-trip away in two years. SKids come to our house and tell us they don't plan to wear masks at school and they don't even care if they get covid anymore. DH asks BM to have them test before they come to our home and she tells them he's being ridiculous and she refuses. My toddler got COVID at daycare, she tested positive after SS's had left our house the day before, so DH tells BM. She loses her mind and tells him how irresponsible he is at how angry she is that our daughter exposed her kids. There's a big difference, my daughter is too young to be vaccinated or wear a mask and has no concept of social distancing and she was at daycare, because I need to work. All told DH got six angry messages from BM and neither Skids caught covid (neither did DH nor I and we both sat within inches of the toddler the entire time she was sick). This last weekend, not even 24 hours after he arrives at our house, one SS tells DH that he has "symptoms" and wants to test. He tests positive. This was after he helped DH cook dinner, put his head all over the pillows on our couch, coughed his head off in the bathroom (I heard him and thought someone was throwing up). Now DH and I are both positive. We've been vaccinated and boosted, so still just a cold for us and fortunately our daughter is still negative, but really it was only a matter of time. We've known that neither BM nor SSs have been as careful as we have been. I guess I should just be glad that they brought covid into my house after we were vaccinated and after my daughter had already had it, not before. 

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Yep! The BM is a narcissist who minimizes everything including COVID. BM refused to talk to us about a parenting plan for visitation and because I have asthma I have gone through hell with anxiety! Now that I am boosted it's a little better but I generally stay away because they are both in school and I don't trust that the BM is on top of it! For example the SD were wearing the same cloth masks in the delta wave even though there was tons of medical masks available. The one SD would crack jokes at my expense about going to stay at friends and " mom said it was fine!" Complete BS and awful. By sheer luck neither of the SD schools have been dealing with exposures. However during the second wave the BM was allowing the SD to hang out with her friend in a completely different bubble of like over 1000 kids in a completely different high school. The BM partner was very strict and used the access tests at Christmas and it showed positive cases so the SD were protected from being around those exposed. The BM partner broke up with them so it's a shit show again with zero communication despite several attempts in my HBD part. The SD seem to listen more to him now but it's come at a price of constant vigilance and dealing with a checked out selfish BM. It will be a true miracle if I don't get very sick from it. 

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Or, tougher.

I get the reduction in anxiety being fully vax'd.  I a three time flyer and boosted in Oct.  That said, I also caught COVID and tested positive on Christmas day.  My symptoms were moderate at worst.  My DW and I quarantined together during m COVID positive period..  She moved ot the guest room and we socially distanced in our home for two weeks.  She avoided the Rona. For me it was basically a bad cold that hung on for 2wks. 

Even Vax'd and boosted please be diligent in minimizing your risk.

IMHO, we are into the new normal when it comes to COVID.  It is now going to transition to a similar model to the annual flu vaccine-esque model.

IMHO of course.

Take care of you.