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Could it be me making a mistake?

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I'm currently pregnant and have serious baby brain where im forgetting words for basic things, so far I haven't misplaced anything like keys in the fridge etc. just forgetting the right words sometimes. 
over the weekend I went into my coat pocket and gave sd13 some money to nip to the shop for some bread as I went in my pocket there was a £2 coin (uk) with a different design and I used to collect them so thought ooo I'll start up again and put it back in my pocket to save. 
however now the £2 is not in my pocket. I know it's not a lot of money and doesn't actually make a difference but now I think someone has been in my coat pocket and taken it. 
obviously if you have read any of my previous blogs/forum entries no one has seen the £2 but that doesn't seem to mean anything in this house. 
I am 100% sure my children haven't taken it as I can tell straight away if they're lying by their faces/reactions I'm also 99.9% sure sd13 didn't take it, honestly she's not the type of she wanted it she would just ask. 
I personally think it's sd11 but this is because it wouldn't be the first time she lied about stuff. She's always wrecking my things stealing something from my coat pocket is just a step up from that. 

Do you think maybe I've made a mistake? And I didn't put it back in my pocket? I have looked everywhere for it. 
Also while round at my parents this weekend sd11 decided to do some sneaking around their house too. My parents house is on 3 floors you have to go upstairs to use the toilet which sd11 did. However when my dad went up he noticed in front of the door to the 2nd set of stairs someone had messed with his paperwork and tried to use the door, moving some bits of carpet that were rolled up and lent against the door. My parents aren't bothered by it and weren't even going to tell me until I mentioned some money going missing from my house. 
im bothered by that because she should have asked before snooping round other peoples houses. I'm embarrassed by it to be honest. 

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"she should have asked before snooping round other peoples houses"

Umm, no. You don't EVER ask anyone if you can snoop around their home! You just don't do it!      

I'm  inclined to say that, as you have no proof even that it was stolen other than you can't find it anywhere else, I'd let it go (but keep an eye out in the future). 

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I think I'd lay a trap, put some more $ in a pocket, leave change on my dresser, etc. see if it happens again. 

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Success if based on experience. Experience is based on mistakes... at least in large part. IMHO.


That said, we can only make decisions with the information avaialbe at the time. So, if it looks like a dog, smells like a dog, and barks like a dog, the conclusion has to be that it is a dog.  


Then you don't have to question anything about the event other than what the unequivocal facts stipulate.

Take care of you.

Good luck.