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Is this considered abandonment?

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My gf wasn’t speaking to me since I had a differing of opinion of what to do and spend our money on on or trip. Basically she quit talking to me and allowed her kids to be very rude with me and did nothing to stop them. Granted her kids are young but very sarcastic and talk back to me and try to boss me around by telling me what to do and what we are doing or else they will cry when they won’t get their way. My gf wasn’t speaking to me so I quit attempting to speak with her and went for a short walk by myself only to come back and have her son cry and say I abandoned him and I hurt his feelings for going off on my own and my gf agreed with her son Diablo and started yelling at me in front of him and called me a child. Granted when I tried talking to anyone they ignored me or were rude so I went for a walk. Did I deserve that reaction however?

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Abandonment would be if you left the kids alone.  If you left them with your mother? no.. that is not abandonment.

You might call it

1.  Conflict Avoidance

2. Rude for not telling people you left

But, it isn't abandonment.

Your GF sounds like a problem....there are red flags waving.

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Not rude. Not avoidant. His asshole girlfriend was giving him the silent treatment.

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Yeah, the red flags here are blinding.  Get out.

Do you think that little child knew the term "abandoned" without his mother's help?

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If you're not his biological father, you can't legally abandon him. He was with his mother. You're just fine but you are being used and manipulated by at least 3 people. Run!

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Your GF is a hot, dysfunctional mess who has no problem using her kids as pawns to attack you. You did not deserve her reaction. She sounds like a manipulative person and not a good GF.

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This woman in not right. She is teaching her kids to be just like her.  She has no respect for you, her kids have no respect. She is not parenting her kids, teaching them respect.  

Writing is on the wall. Pack and leave. Find some one normal 

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responsibility or obligation in the care of his mother

Mom sounds like a drama queen who is willing to  incite  her own children.

She does sound like someone who is grounded in logic or common sense.

This must be an example of the heart wanting what the heart wants.

Good luck as you move forward 


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”well report me to the cops for abandonement” and if this gf was dumb enough to do it, pretty sure every police officer would give her a good taking to about wasting their time and how this man didn’t abandon her kids

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Your girlfriend has taken gaslighting to a new level ...

Don't you think it's time you left all this lunacy behind you?

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Why are you continueing to infect your own life with tolerating the presence of this tantrum throwing hag and her shallow and polluted tantrum throwing gene pool?

Grow some balls man. Get some confidence, move on and leave her and her toxic crotch dump-ling to figure out their shit on their own.

Be good to  you.

Enjoy your new life without this Harpy and her crotch turd polluting your world.

Adults communicate with each other as adults.  My bride and I began our 25 year, 9 days and counting marriage when SS was 2.  Never has she, nor I thrown a tantrum with each other or allowed an SS tantrum to cause a fight between us. Yes, we have disagreed, but we have communicated as adults even during disagreements.

Move on, find a partner who is an adult rather than more of a child than the child.