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Completely off topic but bras??

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How often do you ladies change your bras? I've lumped mine in with knickers and socks so change them every day. My bio daughters both do too. My sd12 has been wearing bras for a week or two without washing them (only know this because my dd10 was a bit shocked about it) at 12 she's sweaty and greasy like all 12 year olds so a bit disgusted myself. I don't know how long she's been wearing the same bra but every weekend all weekend she will wear the same one and told my dd10 that she hasn't changed it in 2 weeks. She will also wear the same knickers for days but that's disgusting regardless of what anyone else thinks. 
She got some joggers for Xmas and although she's been wearing them every weekend since (7 weeks a total of 14 days) they have never been washed. She got some leggings in the summer that haven't been washed either but I don't know how many times she has worn them. I do know we went on a very long bike ride and she wore them then. 
I don't know whether because Dh doesn't do washing he is unaware of how long she's wearing them without washing or if he just doesn't care 

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Undies are changed daily. If i don't work out in them and don't have particularly hard days at work, i will make a bra last a few days. I find that washing them too often wears them out. 

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Knickers, daily or more -depending on season, sweat, workouts. Bras -weekly. I don't workout in my bras. Most teenagers I know have the physical activity of a sloth. Their faces may be oily, but their boobs aren't in danger of much sweat. So weekly is fine. More than that breaks down expensive clothing.

That and...North Americans are hyper about showering. Skipping a day is less stripping to your skin. No wonder the skin ages prematurely! Doing the tops and tails (anything that excretes, leaks or sweats) with a washcloth is acceptable and hygienic to most cultures. Shaming over not changing a bra every day is a bit extreme!

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Not shaming about the bras just asking about other people really. I'm a bit ocd my dads fault if he puts a sock on the wrong foot (don't ask me how that is even a thing) he takes it off in less than 20 seconds then it will go in the wash. My whole family wash hands anytime we pass a sink/bathroom/go in the kitchen, 2 showers a day, I wash my hair everyday even though I know it's bad for it because I can't not do it. So I get I'm a bit extreme which is why I'm asking about other people. I'm 99% sure everyone else changes knickers and socks everyday but I did hear that other people go longer between bra washes was wondering how long is acceptable because of the other things I mentioned in this post 

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And we North Americans think you guys don't shower enough, so ...

I wear bras for 2-3 days depending on activity level, season, etc. I shower daily. Underwear daily, of course. 

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Bras, I change mine everyday, and on Saturdays' I hand wash them in a special soap, Forever New, and hang dry them. My SD had bras that she would wear for a few weeks, then spray them with perfume and put it back in the drawer and switch to another bra. Some of her bras have never been washed, just sprayed with perfume, absolutely disgusting.

Nickers are an everyday change, same with socks.

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Honestly that's what my sd12 does with all her clothes. Well she stuffs them under her bed then wears them again the next weekend. And this carries on I've never washed anything belonging to her and no one else touches the laundry. 1 pair of sd10s knickers have been in the wash in 2 years that has been waiting for her to take upstairs and put away for 6 weeks. Nothing has been washed that me or Dh has bought sd12 in 2 years. That's probably why I have the issue with the bra. The 1 bra she wears that she says was washed 2 weeks ago that probably has never been washed.

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In my real life, I change the skivvies daily after I shower.  Since Covid sequester has dragged on..... I change the skivvies when I shower or after a wipe down every few days.

I am fortunate that I am not and  have never been a particularly odiferous kinda guy.    I shower monthly whether I need it or not.



DW will wear a bra once before she launders it. She has a couple dozen of them so they are all lightly used.   When she gets to her least favorite several bras, she washes all of the ones she has worn since the last washing either by hand (for the super expensive ones) or in a lingerie bag on gentle in our HE washing machine.  Before our first HE washer she hand washed all of her bras with some special fruffie lingerie soapy stuff.  

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I guess I'm weird too. I change my undies, bras, socks, and clothes DAILY. I also shower DAILY, most of the times twice per day. I workout in the am so I shower after my workout and I shower before bed. 

I also put on clean pjs every night. And I use a clean towel and washcloth every time. I wash my jeans every time after I wear them. (I heard some people don't wash their jeans)

Some people's hygiene habits are very questionable which is the reason I'm very very picky about eating other's people's food at potlucks.  If you can't clean your body properly and wear clean clothes everyday no way am I eating food you prepared!

I'm not shaming I'm just keeping it real.  

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When I met SDs (7 and 9 then) they wore no underwear, no socks, wore the same leggings all weekend - yes, I fully blame DH for this one. They never changed into PJs for sleep.

So that changed with my entry and they got socks, underwear, more clothes and PJs. YSD learned to change clothes, and found most likely that clean clothing is nice!  She's been doing her own laundry since age 10. I don't ask any more because I assume she's washing it.

OSD....fought everything. Questioned the need for socks, underwear, washing clothing, washing herself. She never did laundry without "help" from DH (i.e. DH did most of it) every couple months. Yes, she stank. Yes, her underwear and socks were crusty (I cleaned/trash bagged her room several times and these items were thrown out). She tolerated horrifically filthy things against her skin and privates. I'm sure she never washed a bra as long as she was here.  I didn't ask because 'not my job.'

As for me, I'll wear a bra for 5 days, maybe 6. But those aren't full days and I'll switch into sports bras some days and a halter bra another. But my main bra about 5 days then wash. If it's summer or once I sweat, it's in the wash no question.

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I think age 12-13 a lot of girls struggle with body odour and personal hygine. My SD is a similar age and has questionable hygine. We have managed to improve things slightly, but particularly with covid and virtual schooling it is less pressing to be super hot on daily washing as we don't go out much at all, I know that I don't always wash daily right now. 

It turned out that SD only had one bra that she liked to wear so she wore that bra, day and night ( I think she sleeps in a  bra too) for months. When I finally realised what was going on I got her some nice new bras (that fit her) and now she changes her bra every few days -which is about what i do too. We still have to remind her to shower every few days but she is better at wearing deodorant regularly so I don't  notice her BO as often as before. I think some girls of that age need reminders to pay attention to their hygine as it hasn't become routine yet for them.

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Yesterday sd13 came wearing the tiniest most see through white strapless belly top with a black bra. The same bra she has worn every single weekend all weekend all Xmas week during summer for the past 10months ish. I said something about it she said she didn't have any others and she didn't know you had to wash them!!!! 10months in the same bra everyday  without washing! According to dh his ex wife doesn't wash hers either?!? Wtf.