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Close threads after no activity

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Can the webmaster please consider closing threads after a while. I keep seeing entries worth of comment then I realize they are seven years old and out of date.  If they are commented on, they show up in the "new" column.

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I agree.  I think it's good to be able to search for certain terms and to read from other's experience and advice but not to be able to comment and bring around a thread that's 10 years old.

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Even if the threads are old, most are very applicable to situations members are experiencing. When you do a search on the site, the results are not categorized by date.

I think them being bumped helps to bring new life to the conversation/struggle with new experiences and perspectives being shared, along with past experiences/perspectives. In some cases, the members may still be around to give updates.



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The one problem is that when members' accounts are deleted, all of their comments disappear. I deleted some of my blogs because they no longer made sense.

What I would absolutely LUV is that if/when an account is deleted, the comments REMAIN.

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Absolutely, Ani!

It's so annoying, trying to make sense of a post referring to a comment that's been deleted! Some of those observations involved serious matters where the lost responses could have provided clarity and comfort.

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I like seeing the old threads, because many of the problems in stepland are timeless and the advice is still good.  But sometimes you click on it, forget it's old and comment, so if commenting was turned off, that would be ideal.

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I agree that old comments can still be applicableto present problems (a bit frightening I know!) but I would love to keep the comments of people that have been banned. As someone who remembers the great cull I'd love to see the sometimes priceless advice they gave again. If that isn't possible then preventing comments is a good compromise.

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I dunno. I feel better knowing that if my presence on this site was every found out by crazy BM or nosey BF, I could scrub it.