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Christmas Stress

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Is anyone else stressed about Christmas? BM is off her crazy pills as far as I can tell so I am nervous she or her husband will do something at the exchange. She was freaking out so much that in emails everything was misspelled, she even argued at one point that Christmas was Thursday. I honestly feel for SS. He has to be around everything and if his mom is off the deep end that sucks for him.

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I feel you.. We're doing exchange tonight. We have them for Christmas but she gets them tonight through Christmas Eve and we pick them up at 9pm Christmas eve. I'm betting she will have some excuse of why she cannot bring them back on Christmas Eve or try to pull something.

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I am stressed. Every family wants us with them for the holiday, DH wants to stay home (I'm on board with this) but he wants a full spread meal and I am not the greatest cook. Every time I think I am done going to the store, something else is brought up...altho I believe I am done now--if anyone wants anything else they can go get it or go without.

We can't quite decide how to handle present opening and we have skids for Christmas (both of whom claim to believe in the jolly old man still). The skids don't seem to be interested in any of the holiday sorts of things I like to do, therefore DH isn't either, so it's sort of my kids and me doing things (baking cookies, watching certain movies) while DH and the skids do something else (play video games, watch TV--same stuff they do all the time).

I honestly can hardly wait until school is back in. For the skids. I wish my kids could stay for a longer visit though.

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The older kids pretend. I'm hoping it will be the last year of that though--how old is too old to truly believe??

As far as food goes, he doesn't want gourmet, he wants this dish like his sister makes it, that one like his granny made it, etc. I just want an E for effort.

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We didn't have any Christmas stress, as far as SD was concerned (now 24). BM is such a psycho bitch and had no qualms about putting her daughter in the middle and making her feel like crap, so DH did not argue about holidays. He just let her be with BM and her family.

Otherwise, BM would tell SD, "Your dad doesn't love you and doesn't want you to see your aunts, uncles, and cousins," and other bullshit. We just worked around it.

I don't think BM was even taking medication back then (happy pills, SD24 calls them). To this day, even though SD is an adult, she will not defy BM when it comes to holidays and BM's side of the family, BM will make her pay.

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I have come to expect from BM that there will be drama at birthdays, holidays, medical events, anything that is different...
She creates a problem where there is none.
It still causes problems even if I know it is coming. Even if DH plans for a BM melt down,... it can still throw us because her crap is so off the wall.
How do you have a conversation with, like the poster said, "No, Christmas is Friday, not Thursday." When BM is convinced it is Thursday???

You can know it is coming and still not be prepared...

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Update Everything was fine. BM got crazy excited to see SS when we dropped him off for 2 hours (I am talking screaming in excitement it is horrible just trust me). Now 2 weeks of no SS and visiting family.