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Christmas gifts

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HI the last 3 years i have bought my partner gifts from his kids ( 8 and 15 ) do i do this again for the 15 year old this year ? 

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that's a tough one. I stopped once the kiddo was old enough to earn their own $. I would try to get their imput, either shopping together or allowing the child to decide what to give w/in a set price range. 

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The kiddo is 15 and old enough to have a job. Do not buy dh a gift from skid. Instead, take skid shopping so he/she can buy dh a gift with their own money. Offer some suggestions that won't break the bank if skid is having a difficult time figuring out what to buy. 

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Eh, 15 is old enough to have a job with a work permit and parents playing chauffer. 

At 16/17 I agree with this, but 15 is still on the cusp of needing help. 

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I helped my SS if he asked me to, but he paid for it. If he didn't ask, I didn't remind him or offer. 

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An alternative if sk doesn't have a job is doing extra chores for $, especially if you need the garage cleaned out,  vehicles detailed or something like that. Hopefully it will instil a sense of pride in earning the $, too!


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Seriously? I've got 4 adult children and ALL of them worked! Yes, at 15 they all brought in some sort of income. The problem with this world today is everyone's got an excuse! During the pandemic when some kids sat home on their butts and collected unemployment,  my kids attended school full time and worked! All of them! Including my son who has a heart murmur! He had an excuse, but he didn't let that stop him.