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So how do you handle Christmas when buying for stepkids and biokids?

BM has been 'nice' enough to always let us have SS (14) on Christmas morning. We were ALWAYS Santa. She'd let him get gifts from Santa here (with a few gifts from us) and then everything from her house was from HER. Then she was always sure to point out how she got him more than we did.....even though we'd spend three times as much those things were from "Santa" not us. Now, that isn't as much of an issue. However, MY kids are noticing that he gets more than they do.

This year, his mom is going to have him for 2 weeks at Christmas (she lives over 1,000 miles away). I'm putting my foot down with DH. We'll do a small Christmas before SS leaves. It will just be gifts from us. ALL of the kids will get an equal amount of gifts from us. Then, on Christmas, our little kids will get Santa gifts. SS's mom can be 'Santa' if she wants to, but I'm not doing it. We won't be spending an equal amount on all of the kids like we have tried to do in the past. I feel liberated just thinking about it. I'm tired of my kids always getting the short end of the stick.