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Can't stand the site of BM

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Anybody out there feel the same way? Any suggestions as to how to deal with it...I think viewing her in a clowns outfit would be appropriate...since she is such a crazy B...

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I feel the same I can't stand the sight of her. I try not to look at her at all if I am there. Or My fav is to picture her having a HUGE mallet smacking her over the head over and over...

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I don't think there is a person on earth that can handle the sight of BM. She is THAT revolting. Hard to look at. Last week I saw her and she had a big chunk of something black in her nasty yellow crackhead teeth. I just laughed to myself... and kept on movin-

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What's even worse is that her and my SS have the same identical face! It's worse when his hair is wet slicked back, because then he looks like her since she always has her hair pulled back. This may be mean since he is a kid, but they share a face that is kind of ugly. Even everyone in my husband's family doesn't think he's cute and they just don't say anything about it.

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:sick: :sick: :sick:

Hate it when SS spews BM's laughter. He doesn't always do it, seems like it happens more when I am PMSing LOL. Or when he says things that I have heard come out of her mouth 1000 times. I have to remind myself that I love him. And it isn't his fault that she is his mom.

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All of his negative traits are ones he learned or inherited from her too, so it's like having 2 of them around now. ugh.

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:jawdrop: That would be very difficult...imagine if it was a girl??? by the way...I spelled site wrong and I don't think I can correct it...

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If it was a girl, it would definitely piss me off more since girls can be so annoying and caddy any way. My best friend has 3 SDs 21,18,15 and all of them have the academic level of 4th graders and that is not an exaggeration. The oldest and the youngest look like her, but the middle looks like their dad's best friend.

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Submitted by JoJoBo44 on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 6:20pm is a posting about golden's on the home page.
Our girl is currently in a secure juvenile facility, getting intensive therapy to unlearn behaviors she got from her mother. It's unimaginable the stunts that kid has pulled, because she could, because no one corrected her! Even trying to correct her she could 'justify' in an extroadinary manner. This kid could ''talk a brick wall down!'' (judge said she should become an attorney)
Court ordered family counselling helped a lot, juvenile judge really likes our girl and wants to help her. Judge also has encountered BM, will NOT tolerate her in the courtroom...hmmmm what does that tell you? This is funny, sad but true. A counsellor came to the house, our girl asked about access to her mom. We did not comment or disagree with our girl because it is her mom when all is said and done and we do not do the alienation thing.
Counsellor went to pre court meeting and made the suggestion on our girl's behalf and it was like a huge mexican wave as the whole panel raised their hands up in alarm! BM is a definate NO GO area as far as they are concerned!

cmulder's picture is really annoying to be around her and SD now. I hope that it will change in regards to SD 15...she is like a mini manipulative person just like the BM...really difficult to deal with it. I just try not to think about either of them very much or bring them up in any conversation...out of sight out of mind...

liks's picture bm is time we were in the supermarket and had to stand behind her quite close as we grabbed someothing off the shelf...fn hell she stunk!

eeeeewwww.....and the two little shits she squeezed out look and act like her...full of themselves and totally horrible :sick:

Its such a shame my DH didnt shoot her when he had the chance...the world and them skids would be much better off if she was dead

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A friend of my SS7's BD just died. The BD wanted nothing to do with him and his BM is in jail for drugs and even gave birth to him in jail. He is raised by BM's parents who are the most amazing people on earth. They lost this daughter to drugs and jail, a son to suicide, and a daughter when a plane crashed on her while playing in a friend's backyard, so they have had quite a rough life. When I heard about the BD dying, I felt extremely bad for the little boy as he really didn't need any more sadness in his life, but couldn't help feeling "why couldn't it have been SS's BM?" This poor family had been through enough and it has only caused more problems for them and the child. If it was to happen to BM, her toxic hold on everyone she comes across would end and my SS would actually have a chance at having a good life or becoming a good person. I feel so incredibly guilty for feeling like this. I know it's wrong and I feel bad. I'm not this kind of person, but this is how bad it is that this "woman" can make me have such thoughts.

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After so many years giving her the benefit of the doubt and trying to be friendly. I don't try - I smile nod and thank God that the sks are old enough that I really don't have to see her much - but it used to help that I was the one sitting next to dh.

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I agree with benefit of doubt for so long only to yield the same loser result leads to a quick nod a no waste of effort and is too short to waste time on people that only yield negative results

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I don't look at BM...don't go to any events if she is there. Isn't it bad enough that I have to see her 50% of my life, sitting on my couch or slurping down dinner across the table....via her skid clone?

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BM #1 - I can look at her... don't have any ill will towards her at all.

BM #2 - Can't stand looking at her! She's such an ugly-looking pig! Cannot believe my DH thought she was attractive and actually slept with her!!!!! Yuck!!!! It is interesting, however, to watch her weight fluctuate so much. Must be on and off diet pills all the time.

BM #3 - Can't stand looking at her either! She's had her breasts done... her tummy tucked... etc. etc. All the things I can't afford to do. (Her mom paid for them...probably because she's hoping that BM will look so good that she will snag a rich man to take care of both of them... since neither of them work!) I personally struggle with my weight... always have. And I cannot stand the fact that my DH's 3rd wife has such a perfect body. Not all that cute in the face, but surgically from the neck down, she's been give the skinny shape men love. During the summer... every time I see her... she's in a bikini. I think she lives in binkinis when it's warm weather time. Although I think she's taking diet pills too because at one point, she looked like she was getting a tummy again.

I try not to look at #2 and #3 if I can help it... but when the kids are present, I feel forced to be cordial and civil... when what I really want to do is punch the sh** out of both of them!!!!

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OMG I am having trouble living 1 BM. How the hell you deal with 3 is simply a miracle. God bless you, you poor thing!

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It's hard to be in the same room as BM let alone 3 mins down the road from her. She lives a hop, skip, and a jump away. She comes to my place of work just to bug and "talk" to me, and I can't do S**t about it cause it's public place and I have to be nice cause it's my job. Add to that SD1 is starting to get the same glare and spaced out look she has . .it drives me up the wall.