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Cannot stand when this happens...

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Why do I let SS get under my skin??? He's just 10yo but I somehow get irritated so quickly by no one else but him. Happened ahain this morning. What do you do to stay calm? And it's something dumb so I don't wanna get into it lol ugh

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All kids have the ability to get under adult's skin... even bio parents get irritated with irritating behavior.

He is 10, not an infant.. if he is doing something that he should not be.. tell him to stop.. remove him from the situation.. cut off the TV.. etc.. 

You can also make him LEAVE your space.. "go to your room"  Go out back to play outside" 

You can also leave where he is.. go to your room.. the bathroom.. to reset and regain your peace.

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Yes my bio son 8 also gets on my nerves lol. It's like SS has actual tactics like his mom bm. It's a different type of irritant but yes I do have to remember to take a pause and just yea thank you

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When my bios were younger and irritated me, I took deep breaths and repeated the mantra "it's not okay to kill them" until the feeling passed!

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It's normal.  Kids that age do things that irritate adults.  It's also common to get more annoyed by kids that don't share any blood with you.  I got way more annoyed with SS when he would do something vs my own son or even my nephew.  Not that I don't get annoyed with my son at times but I have more tolerance for the things he does than I ever did for SS's antics.  I also have a stronger bond with my son, so there's that.  

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I see what you're saying but this boy is like his mom. Literally trying to get under my skin whereas my son does normal annoying things kids do. Ss has tactics like im gonna poke her on purpose and get her riled up or start dumb fights with DS. He knows what he's doing is what annoys me the most. DS doesn't annoy me with a purpose as SS does. Idk if that makes sense but SS acts like a grown adult coworker trying to get under your skin instead of a child that jus unknowingly does like ds is. We raised ds from birth and he's always been truthful and open with us. He's annoying like any other 8yo. SS has a manipulative compulsive lying mother and so he's also manipulative and lies constantly. But yes they both annoy me jus both differently I can't even say less it's just different way. The fact he's actively trying is ...ugh lol jus be a normal kid and chill out. It's always something.

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Get a list made of appropriate thing.  " go to your room". " is your homework done,  reports, papers"  " it's a nice day, go outside get fresh air" " go clean your room, bathroom " "go play with your friends"  

'Then pick one.  Cleaning is great. When they know theey will be force to do thing they don't enjoy. It may stop it fast 

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It's interesting and I feel I do this but I wanna make sure I understand. So this happened at the bus stop. I drive them there in the mornings and we wait jus 10mins and the bus arrives. This time it happened in the car and soon as I was frustrated they're out the car. I'm like crap....and was stuck. Can't even say or do anything at that point and I always make it a point to not talk about stressful things before school bc who wants that so early. But idk this morning was beyond my patience lol. 

But normally this stuff happens in the afternoons when I have time. So you're saying if hes irritating I jus stop and say go outside etc? Like change the subject? I do make them go outside but it's not during a convo. Normally after they do hw and chores. I am open to any suggestions at this point so hey why not. And thanks btw

I will share this morning like other times I just can't stand that I lose my temper or my cool bc Im usually a calm and level headed person it's been something else lately. It could be I need to do something for myself or I can deter it by having him do something I'm not sure

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Abject misery. Aright