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Calling "moms" of past/present middle school age kids how much screen time did/do you allow?

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Ok when I say screen time I mean TV/movies and computer, Xbox/PS, smartphone games. During week/school days vs Weekends.

If you did NOT enforce a time limit on video games did you have ANY Restrictions like child had to spend so many hours outside playing or had some other Hobbies?

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Prior to corona, we had a 2 hr gaming limit. Now... it is a free for all, as long as school is done and they aren't fighting- I don't care. 

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We did not have absolute limits for the girls.. but neither of them were gamers to any extreme.  The expectation was that schoolwork needed to be complete before any screen time.. and then a reasonable bedtime was enforced.. 

I think that having some expectation that the child will spend some time outside when weather permits.. is reasonable.. theyshould have access to a bike..skates..etc.. if they live in an area where it is safe for them to ride etc..

I guess it depends on the neighborhood a bit.. are there other kids from their school around?  do they have a dog that they need to walk?  are they signed up for soccer/softball/bball?  

This is a time when kids should be encouraged to try some different sports.. maybe soccer one fall.. volleyball next , tennis next.. organized lessons/youth league is good because it gives them a regular framework to get exposure and to also socialize with other kids

Other interests.. art, music could also be encouraged.


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Before the Rona, BD had a small window of time between homework and dance lessons where she could be on her phone. Now she is on it almost all day everyday, mostly listening to music. We do make her exercise and go outside every few hours to get some sunshine, but other than that she's pretty much trapped at home.

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But that's predicated on her maintaining good grades, attending her extra curriculars (which are primarily online, even before COVID), and participating in family stuff, as required (which includes chores).  She's 14.5.

SD15.5 has mostly unlimited screentime at both houses, but it's the first thing taken if she steps out of line.

SS10 has 2 hour of gaming allowed and some TV, as well, each day, if all chores and schoolwork is done.

For the record, both Skids are on restriction for lying for the forseeable future...  Again.

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But everything is still closed here. My county is super strict. No summer camps are opened. No dance class is opened. No movie theaters. No parks. No pools. No vacation bible school. There isn't anything to do but video games. All mine are playing Animal Crossing pretty much. I did buy bicycles. We went to a drive in movie an hour away. The libraries are still closed I believe. You can't go in them anyway but I hear they will meet you at your car but mine likes to peruse the aisles and pick out what looked good. Our governor is way more lenient than our city and county commissioners. Kids were "illegally" skating in the skate park and they filled it up with mulch a few weeks ago

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Zero.  When it became clear that the Skid could not function in the real world when he had any gaming screen time we ended it completely.  We implemented this in 7th grade.

Once he graduated from HS the USAF kept his head in real life.  Now at 27yo he games but clearly understands that real life is far more important and he does a pretty good job of managing his screen time.  He is kicking butt in his 9 year and counting USAF career.

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During a regular school year, we only allow electronics on the weekend. We don't enforce a screen time limit, per se. We make sure the kids have eaten breakfast, brushed their teeth, changed out of PJs, and have their room clean. Then they can have as much electronics as they wish until bedtime.

We do not allow them to keep TVs, tablets, phones, etc., in their room.

Because of COVID and our whole lives being turned upside down, we're letting them have electronics every day as long as they do all of that other stuff- hygiene, clean room, chores, etc.

We do try to give them chores outside, like helping in the garden. I've noticed when we require things like that, they spend more time outside willingly.