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Call-out for OG step-dads

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I know this is primarily a site for SMs, but as a step-dad it was still invaluable to me when I was dealing with my partner's defiant and entitled children. There were a handful of step-dads on here, and I always wondered what happened to the them. Anyone know about the following guys:

1. Drac0
2. Angrystepdad
3. Old Dart
4. Orange County
5. Gunner

I stepped away from STalk for a while, and missed a lot of history. If anyone could catch me up, I'd be much appreciative!

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Hi- I agree this is a great place for Stepdad's too. I haven't been around too long- less than a year, so most of these names are not familiar. Gunner, however, was here until only recently- I didn't get too involved in his posts so maybe someone else could fill you in...?

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Gunner was at a pretty calm point when he last posted. I don't know if we will hear from him anytime soon. He should be waiting on court to finalize his break up with the wife who he has a restraining order against. With her out of the picture it seems like his life was pretty calm for better or worse.

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I read here weekly to remind me to just date and have fun. My life is great right now. I'm still going through my divorce but she is getting nothing although she is trying really hard. I see my kids and in my free time i am banging my way through my ex's friends. I know it sounds wrong but I found out she cheated on me our whole marriage so... what comes around goes around i guess. It's all fun for me, more time with my kids, more money and lots of sex.

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More power too you. Just keep your privet life privet from the kids and use protection.

Since there's no joint children and she can't claim she lost anything because of being with you, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Spouse support only works if the person actually gives up something in their marriage like a career. She is just as capable now as she was when she got with you.

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I don't think the site is primarily for SM's- there are more SM's here due to the fact that women are generally more communicative and stepmoms seem to be more often mistreated than are stepdads.

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Orange County just stopped posting. I fear that he may have passed away. Sad

Drac0 jumped ship when there was a "site cleansing" a couple of years ago. One of the folks who left started another site.

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Orange County developed cancer a number of years ago, so his noticeable absence leads me to the same conclusion. He was a funny, caustic, wise man.

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Ragarding Orange County---I learned a lot from him. He always said

"Don't make changes and don't ask for any changes to the court order"

HE was right. I use that here on ST a lot.
Thanks Orange.

I thought that RAGS knew the where about of Orange County????

I miss him too.

Great guy. Hope he is ok.

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It was Orange County who talked about disengagement. He posted the Disengagement Essay and it really resonated with me. It actually changed me for the better and liberated me somewhat. I remember some posters would get mad because OC's answer to almost everything was, "disengage," but I'm not sure that he wasn't right about that being the answer to almost everything. LOL!!!

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I miss Draco! His stories about his SS left me in tears, they were so funny. He has a way with words.

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Tall Boy!

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I seem to recall OldDart received a diagnosis of some sort of neurological disease? It made typing ðifficult. I wish him well.

Sadly, I also suspect OC has passed. He was a rock of common sense on this site.

Draco's tales of his impossibly stupid Nutella devouring SS were hilarious. He's a gifted writer, and hopefully steplife improved for him.

I wish we had more male members. Their stories and perspectives provide balance and a lot of food for thought. Still, Paul, it sounds as if your situation has improved. I thought you'd never get those step barnacles out. Would you be willing to make a post that gives some of your step story? There are so many new members who could benefit from your pov and insight.

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I wonder if we have fewer male members because men are less likely to "engage". I think it's easier for men to ignore the problem (skid) and just do something else.

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I don't post as often because people here were down right rude to me. They refreneced my organs and were just nasty, thankfully most women here aren't like those others.

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I appreciated your perseverance in posting in spite of all the rude/hater comments. It's really good to get your perspective and experience, and I was really glad you kept your wits about you and did the right things, especially during your ex's major flare-up of crazy. My DH went thru some similar b.s. from his 2nd ex-wife (SS17's BM) and I was worried your ex would do some of the same (false domestic assault reports, etc.), so it's been a relief to read your recent posts about how well you're doing.

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RhinoDad is another who comes to mind. I definitely miss Draco and his hilarious stories. One of the people who started the new site sent me a message about joining a couple of years ago, but I couldn't get registered for some reason.

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It’s not a site for SMs; the tag line is {where step parents come to vent,} Thus, you are equally entitled to post or comment here.

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I lost track of OC and also of OD. The last I communicated with him he and his bride were dealing with some health issues if I recall correctly.

I don't do much personal communication with my online network with a few exceptions.

Not that I am against it. I just generally don't.

I am still hanging on though and intend to continue to STalk along for a long time to come.

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Wonder what happened to Major Blunder,

Last I heard from him, he found a new job...... and that was that...

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I really hope OC is ok. I know he was getting really fed up with a few of the old timers that would harass him every time he posted the disengage essay.

One particularly nasty one (booted in the last cleanse) really jumped on him the last time I saw him post. He even mentioned that it was not worth it to give HIS advice if she was going to ream him every time he posted. And then he never posted again.

Hopefully he just got tired of her crap and moved on and is ok and in good health.