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Brainiac's grades are in

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and they suck, what a surprise.

A while back, I posted about some comments SD17 made about school, specifically that she was "so smart she gets bored" while in school, and that this is why her grades are so shitty. Call me crazy, but if she was that smart, I'm pretty sure that she would have done well on the aptitude tests, etc. However, she is usually right on average with those tests, and sometimes below average.

Anyway, she ended up with one A, two Bs, and 4 Cs, right at a 2.5 GPA. One of the Cs was one point away from a D, and a couple of the other ones were close to Ds. She is not taking honors classes or anything, and really should be doing a lot better than that. The expectations for her are all Bs or above, which is a very attainable goal at this point in her schooling (she just finished her sophomore year, the classes get much harder going forward). Most of the Cs were the result of zeros on assignments, b/c SD often doesn't do her homework, or doesn't bother to turn it in even if she does it. If she had just turned in the assignments, she would probably have had only one C.

Of course, DW didn't want to punish SD for the grades, because SD actually did have some Ds last year. If she said anything about "only" having all Cs or above, that would be discouraging to SD, because she improved and didn't have any Ds. WTF!!!! I'm sorry, but a turd is still a turd in my book, even if it is not quite as stinky. Rewarding someone for mediocrity is not sending a good message. It's like giving out ribbons for finishing 10th place in a race - ridiculous.

At SD17's level, there is no excuse for anything below Bs. Maybe when she gets to some of the harder math and science classes the last two years, but not now. If she only managed a 2.5 this year, she is going to get her socks blown off the last two years. I am very concerned that she will not graduate. There are few prospects for high school grads, but there may not be **any** for high school dropouts. The military is no longer a safe bet, since so many have enlisted because of the economy, and even Wal*Mart requires a high school diploma. I'm not very optimistic about SD's future.

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Thanks for the info, I will look into it. However, I am pretty sure that DW will say that it is "not good enough" for either of her precious angels.

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Haven't you heard???? B/c of the "no child left behind act" children can redeem those poor grades.... like one of ours did. We purchased a case of copy paper to (in my eyes) pay for a better grade....