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boyfriend and his ex step kid

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Has anyone been in a situation were their partner still looks after his or her ex stepkid? Would like to hear your stories and experiences on this topic please any personal experience or advice welcome

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Never been in that situation, however, a good friend of mine had an ex stick around for her child (his stepson) after they divorced. He stuck around until she stopped sleeping with him, then he had no more contact.

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A friend of SS14 has an ex step dad that he sees every weekend along with his bio dad. They all do vacations together. Mom even has a new boyfriend. DH and I scratch our heads on how they make it work, but they all seem so happy when they are together.

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I live this situation.
BM's DD15 is DH's SD.

In our situation-SD knows who her bio dad is but refuses to acknowledge the man as anything to SD.
DH is the ONLY father SD accepts. And even though Bio Dad is married-SD doesn't accept her as SM. I have that honor.
BM has a boyfriend who SD refers to as "Mom's boyfriend"

She's here a few weekends every month or. She doesn't come every weekend like SS10-but comes often enough.
She gets treated like the other kids-this is her house-we are her parents.

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I haven't been in that situation but i'm sure if DH and I ever split, I'd still be involved in SD's life and if anyone I dated had an issue with it, that's their problem. When you're an involved stepparent, that doesn't go away just because two adults break up.

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I was very involved in my former SD's life until a few years ago. My now DH accepted her and her baby into our lives and never had an issue with it. DH even went with me to my XMIL's house for Grandbabies birthday party where my XH and all his family were. Everyone was respectful of each other. I would even keep the grandbaby one weekend a month and DH loved ti play with him.
Things aren't like that now (XH put an end to any relationship) but DH had no issues.

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Actually no. He dated a woman off and on for about 6 years and I adored her. We both knew her from High School and she was a very sweet loving person. She was amazing to my BS and former SD. I was heart-broken when XH bombed that relationship.

Actually XH blew up my relationship with my Former SD over money. He never paid his court ordered CS. The courts finally went after him (I never pushed the issue) and he made arrangements to pay larger payments in order to avoid jail. He was $14000.00 behind. After he made arrangements with the courts, he then started pressuring me to give him the money back. I refused because I had been the sole support for BS since our divorce and it was owed to me. BS was just driving and getting expensive and I needed the help. I refused to give the money back so he got back at me by telling SD horrible lies about me. She refuses to communicate with me any further so I was not able to give her the truth. Plain and simple....She just cut off all communication.

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My husband has an ex SS. For 4.5 years after him and Jabba separated the child was a big part of his life. If my husband had Chucky he had ex SS. A very sweet boy with an insane mother. I really liked the little guy to be honest. He was very accepting of me and Polly, more so than MIL.

ex SS only knew my husband as his father for a long time. Then the year we started dating ex SS came to the house and told my husband that he knew he wasn't his father and new SF was going to be his father. New SF was going to adopt him among some other things that upset my husband. Something snapped within my husband and he made a decision I don't and do understand. Visitation stopped with ex SS after he told Jabba he would only see the child for 2 days and 1 night every second weekend.