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BM's "rules"

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Since BM turned her house into the bank in February, she has only seenSS16 a handful of times. It’s been averaging about 6 weeks between the visits. She had him the 1st week of August and in October for fall break. She is taking him this week!!!!!!!

Stink informed me that his mom can only see him “when he has the right number of days off and she’ll be having the right number of days off this week.”

He added I should know the rules. I wanted to say unlike your mom I CAN read above a 1st grade level and that’s not the “rules” I read.

I guess you can’t work and see your kid at the same time?

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Wow. How the hell do the rest of us do it? I guess some people can't fathom being minorly inconvenienced to do the right thing.

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BM blames everything on exDH. In the BM's mind, its punishment for exDH to have to do it all for their child/ren while they are having "fun". They weren't responsible during the marriage and they sure aren't going to be responsible divorced. So if the DH got out, he's punished forever for divorcing her and leaving her all alone to fend for herself bc she's pissed that she's supposed to work or do anything but party (like said loser did the entire marriage).

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Time to sit down and read the CO to the kid so he has an idea of what the rules really are.

Reviewing it with him is important so that you can emphasis any particularly relevant sections, prevent any misinterpretations, and clarify anything SS16 needs clarification on.

SS16 is more than old enough to have a full review of the Court Order, CS distribution, visitation ruling, and any other applicable or supporting information including BMs arrest record (if she has one), etc..... Let BM explain to him why she has not lived up to the ruling, visitation, etc…...

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