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BM upset upset @dropped charges, may be set up?

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BF’s lawyer just called him to let him know that the state dropped all charges (when she had him arrested at the pick up at the SS’s school, where she told cops I was stealing drugs from my patients, she tried to warn him at the school and he attacked her, mind you she had NO injuries they arrested him anyway).

BM was told they don’t have a good case, not enough evidence, too many conflicting stories, not a good witness on the stand.  Apparently BM was really pi$$ed….

BM just signed up her and SS for yoga classes at my hospital! Like the very next day! There are like millions of yoga studios she can go to (My hospital is 10 miles away from her home in the city, she is in the suburbs).

The other night she asked BF to pick up SS at Yoga while she was also there.  She claims she had to leave, and by the time he would pick up SS she would be gone. 

We told his attorney, who said this may be a set up and we need to be careful, as we can’t do anything until she does..WFT….

Which brings me to my last post, in regards to thinking that SS thinks we broke up…..BM/SS went from talking about me incessantly to going cold turkey on my a$$.  NO ONE KNOWS WHY……NOT EVEN HIS ATTORNEYS!

I think she either is going to do something drastic (calm before the storm) or they really do think we are broken up. But dealing with her in this short amount of time I’ve learned not to underestimate her. 

BF has asked for the yoga schedule (As SS has told him he may have to take him if BM can’t) and she has not done so yet. 

SS also has no problem running around my hospital when in the past he refused to, yelling at BF “IS Christy here? Will we bump into her? I don’t want to see her!!” or “Are we here to visit her? You know how I feel about her” and “I won’t go anywhere that skank is!!!!”

The attorney told BF that this may be a set up, we have to be really careful.  Attorney also said to BF that he feels BM will always be “a thorn in your side” until SS reaches adulthood…. Custody trial reconvened until March….

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Ask your lawyer if you can parry any future accusations with a threat to go after her for slander for the crap she's accused you of in the past. Also, it's time your bf sorted his kid out about how to speak to and about others, like teach him a bit about manners and respect because it's clear his mother hasn't a clue about either. Both will be useful to him if he's to have any chance of growing into a decent human being. 

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Lawyer said he will be on the lookout and will not charge BF if he calls about questions concerning BM being shady.  He also said to keep a record for future accusations.  I have been told I have nothing right now (Slander wise) because there have not been any damages so far to me...

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BF should bring a friend with him to pick up SS so there is a witness. My guess is that BM's attorney told her that her fixation on you was bizarre, and didn't make her look very good (especially since you don't live together or even see SS), so she's trying another approach. 

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glad to hear your charges were dropped! 

There was a stepmom in here with a crazy that slandered her and her employer. The employer filled a civil suit and raked the BM over the coals, it was a glorious story. I think she deleted her blogs. 

Good does prevail sometimes... it's hard to see through the muck bc crazy BM's seem to get away with so much. 

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BF should beg off picking up SS from and activity SHE scheduled.  The less interaction between them the better. He can tell her no.  If she truly thinks you broke up she will be trying to get BF back and he needs to teach her himself that ain't going to happen.  Not being available for her is part of the lesson.  She needs to be a single mom and be responsible for SS on her time.  Does he need to spell this out , no just back away slowly.  Disengagement works for him too.  

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I agree - but I think her BF feels he has to jump at every crumb of time that BM gives him because the case is in court. 

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has SS call/text him.  She has SS do her dirty work and puts SS in the middle by having him ask BF to pick up, ect.

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SS seems to only do what she tells him to do, he doesn't argue with her when she orders him around tells BF "We have to do what mom says."  

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My SS21 was like that too, he had (has) a very hard time standing up to BM, especially if she gets weepy and accuses him of "betraying" her by not going along with her.


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It's inappropriate to bring your shit, vendettas and issues to your kids who are not relevant to these issues.

my husband's ex did the same with eldest sd, the narc hoe actually sent a text that she had eldest sd send to her dad which waffled on crap about the issues and hatred they had of one another and that since both had since remarried and had new families, lets move forward for the sake of their kids (apparently that was he apology that never mentioned the word sorry)

hubby read it and showed me and refused to reply to sd. Sd was banging on non stop "look dad mummy is good she apologised, she's no longer crazy and high conflict" 

the fact that you would involve your kids in adult matters and adult business crosses the line. Its basically made eldest sd have an inflated view of herself which makes her think she can answer me back and dictate the parenting of my kids until hubby put her in her place and reiterated i was his one and only alpha female.

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Happy to learn the state dropped charges.

What is YOUR red line in all this? I mean she has threatened your livelihood and reputation.

You DO realize she is not going to stop, right? 



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LIke I said before, she has gone cold turkey on me.  I guess we won't know her game plan until court in March.  

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Satan tried making false allegations against DH.  And she was the one constantly accosting him.  We bought a digital camcorder and kept in on for all custody exchanges and school events.  It was relatively large and we held it in full view, so she knew she was being recorded.

She hated it and tried to make us stop but she couldn't.  


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Time for a defamation suite.  Sue her ass and put her living under the local over pass.  Now LE has completed the investigation and the DA has dropped all charges, go fo her throat. 

I would.

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Waiting for the custody trial to be done....

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Kinda pi$$ed! We had dinner with BF's friends the other night and they asked about BM.  I gave them the story and said his lawyers told us to be careful.  Wife said, "Us? There's no "us," he's (BF) going through this, not you.  It's not alllll about youuuuuu!"

I stayed calm and replied, "I didn't marry her, didn't get pregnant, never met nor spoke to her, yet she wants to sue me for CS, told cops I'm stealing drugs from my patients, told SS's old therapist that they're both afraid of me AND out of a 50 page deposition I was mentioned in 26 of yeah, it really is about me!" Her response? Yup you guessed it.. nothing!  PPL don't get it...SMH!!!!

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How delusional is she. It started being about you the moment she started targeting you which in almost all hcgubm narc hoes is always. 

my husbands exwife spent aftermath of divorce playing poor single me victim during the divorce proceedings whilst secretly having an affair with a married man  pre separation and then married this guy right after divorce finalised (the guy left his wife), then exwife bragged to hubbys family and coworkers how in demand she was that she could get any man at the snap of her finger and that nobody wanted my husband and he would die a lonely old man.

4.5 yrs after the divorce she finds out hubby is dating a much younger caucasian woman, educated and from a richer country than her uneducated crazy arse and she lost it.

straight away called hubbys sister with all kinds of crap. Apparently ex coworkers of hers who work in hubbys company were informing her hubby had a gf and it was serious. Exwife called hubbys eldest sister and called me a half naked christian whore which was laughable to hubbys sister since they know full well she was having an affair and cheating on my husband whilst married to him. 

when she had eldest daughter reinitiate contact with hubby, claiming she was a born again muslim woman, it was to cover the fact that both daughters were questioning the lies because they were inconsistent with that they were seeing from cousins social media.

then eldest sd spewed bio mums bs that hubby left her for me and to have 2 kids with me when she re-married the week divorce was finalised and had been married 7.5 yrs at that point and me and hubby been married around 3.5 yrs. 

if people wanna say its between the exwife and the exhusband, then stop involving the new spouses/partners and kids of those relationships who are irrelevant and not part of your shit