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Bm thinks that b/c she can't handle things no one else can either.

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SS11 has his grade school graduation tonight one at 1:30 and the other at 6:30. Bm texted dh and told him the other night about it but said that he will not be at the 6:30 one due to scheduling. (where ever that means). Dh said she is making sure I don't get to go.

Today bm texted and wanted to know which one he was going to go to? dh called her and said huh he will not be at the 6:30 and I have to work at 1:30 and can't get off b/c you didn't tell me til just the other night. Bm said that she won't be their but ss11 will be b/c she will be at the ss15 and ss14's concert! WHAT :jawdrop: and she is JUST now letting dh know! Dh said he went off on her an told her that he should have been told long before now about all this going on so he can make arrangements. Bm said that she didn't tell him b/c it was too much to lay out all at once and for him to soak in. HUH?? She said that she is having a hard time keeping up and knows he would too so she didn't want to spring it all on him at once.

Um ok whatever. Dh told her that he is not that sensitive and she needs to let him know what is going on so he can make sure he is there! He told her he was tire of that crap and that he is their father not some random dude.

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He should talk to the school and make sure they keep him in the loop. I do 50/50 with XH and I have to constantly check in with DD's school because something will go home when she is with him and I will never hear about it.

Take that power away from her.

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I have told him that so many times. It is so old! It is to the point I let him talk but I don't say anything any more. If he wont talk to the school and get the info sorry dude you know how she is.

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I have told him that so many times. It is so old! It is to the point I let him talk but I don't say anything any more. If he wont talk to the school and get the info sorry dude you know how she is.

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I used to do the same; tell GG to contact the school directly. Apparently it's no big deal b/c let's see. . . . Prince Hygiene is ending 2nd grade and GG has NEVER, i mean NEVER received ONE report card from school. He only receives the older skids report cards because *I* wrote in on his behalf YYYYEEEAAAAARRRRSSSSS ago. Of course I was slapped down for this as being "too intrusive" by GG as he "didn't want to step on the BM's toes" (TM) so I never did it again.

Seems the Behemoth was doing everything in her power to make sure GG DIDN'T get anything from the school, extra curricular activities etc. Only wants him to PAY for things not PARTICIPATE in things because after all, SHE is the only RIGHTFUL, REAL parent. (read: NON-parent)

Oh wait, according to GG "grades are NOT important" and it doesn't matter HOW you parent b/c "kids will turn out the way they turn out"

As my grandmother used to say: "six to one, half a dozen to the other" and "it takes TWO to tango"

One bad parent is one thing but TWO??!! FORGET IT!

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I just realized that bm did not give dh a choice in which kid to see. All three had somehting going on and she just said you will go to ss11's. But how to choose anyway??? ss11 was graduation grade school (which I think is really stupid b/c with the no child left behind act there is no question they will go to 6th grade). But the ss14 and ss15 had a very big concert they have been working on for a long time. I'm sure it was much more hard work and effort. I don't know I would have rather gone to ss14 and ss15's concert. I hope you ladies understand what I'm trying to say.

But what makes me mad is that she did not call and deal with this the adult way just that she said this is what is going to happen and oh btw ss14 and ss15 have a concert at the same time and you will be going to ss11's graduation! Just pisses me off that she didn't give dh the same respect and choice she got.

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I've only been married 7 month to my DH and within the first week had already contacted the school to make sure that we were in the loop and that duplicates of everything are sent to both homes. The BM is a control b&&ch and I will not tolerate it. She feels that it's fine for the kids to skip, not do homework, basically fail school and I informed the DH that this is unacceptable and we will not be raising what 50% of America is right now. We will have children that go to school and succeed even if they have to repeat grades. Make the call yourself and try the best you can to raise responsible children.. we have enough deadbeats already...

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My skids have great grades and I can honestly say that bm will not let them miss that many days. It is mainly their activities that bm refuses to let dh know about and school functions. I did talk to dh about talking to the school again and he said he has had enough and will contact their school at the beginning of the year for next year.

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Bm did show up to get ss11's back pack (why I don't know as there was nothing in it, he was on a FIELD TRIP ALL DAY LONG! DUH)

She didn't say a word which I didn't think she would as she wants everyone to think she is mommy of the year! SS11 shrugged his shoulders and got in the car.