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BM in for a RUDE awakening. 

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I have been posting about SS’s attitude and how BF has been trying to set boundaries.  BF has always blames BM for SS’s attitude and saying “He’s good boy, he’s afraid of BM.”

The other day, SS was mad that BM wasn’t answering the phone, swearing, punching the wall.  BF told him to stop acting like that and maybe call her?

SS called BM and she answered. SS yelled, “where the f*& were you, you bi%Yh? I was worried!”

BM said she was sleeping (This was like 1 in the afternoon…

He hung up and continued to call her names and ask who is sleeping this ealr45y in the day, she’s a bit&*$”

BF said maybe she is out with friends the night before.  SS said no, she doesn’t hand around with any friends. 

SS told him that she polishes off a bottle of night every night after dinner and is asleep on the couch by 5 p.m.  HE said she no longer goes to the gym and stays home every night being the martyr and saying she has no friends or life bc of SS.

I would say he is lying, but she polished off a bottle of wine every night and fell asleep on the couch night when she was married to BF (that was brought up in court but no one seems to give a sh*%). 

She ALLOWED SS to talk to her that way, it was surprising to us as years ago he was NEVER allowed to take that way to her.  I told BF that there is no way in he** that he is afraid of BM if he is talking to her that way and she is explaining to him why she didn't answer the phone.  I told him SS is not "Some innocent good boy that is afraid of BM."

Remember he is 16.  She’s in for a RUDE awakening. 

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I think this purulent little a-hole is actually crying out for someone to parent him and set some limits on his behavior, but his parents just kiss his behind and fight over him instead. He's the one who will have a rude awakening when the rest of the world doesn't work that way. I'm assuming his dad was there for his tantrum, but didn't do a g damn thing. 

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AKA the Furuncle.

Furuncles are common on the neck, breasts, face, and buttocks. They are uncomfortable and may be painful when closely attached to underlying structures (eg, on the nose, ear, or fingers). Appearance is a nodule or pustule that discharges necrotic tissue and sanguineous pus.

This one, is definately located on the buttocks. AKA, a PITA.  And closely attached to the underlying structure of.. the BioParent.

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I can't believe your SO didn't give a talking to and remove privileges from SS for the way he spoke to BM. That simply reinforces SS' behaviour. SO is essentially saying that (1) this is acceptable way to speak to his mother; (2) this is an acceptable way to speak to a person; (3) this is an acceptable way to speak to a woman; (4) this is an acceptable way to speak to an adult.

it also teaches SS nothing about patience, coping skills when he is not getting what he wants, and making better choices. What a waste of an opportunity.

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Yes!  Even though my DH is a very good example of a Disney Dad one of the things he came down on OSD for, every time he heard it, was the way she spoke to BM. She was just outright rude, dismissive, and mean to BM for the first year or so we were together - and he got on her every time and even made her apologize a couple times. Of course, once the tables were turned, BM let her get away with it with DH.

The SS should have all kinds of privileges revoked, but I suspect he's like that because neither partent is doing a thing about it.

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way they hear the toxic parent speak to them or of and to others.

In which case, while I am not one to support a lippy kid being lippy, KARMA is a bitch and .... GO KID!!!!!!

The quality parent in the mix cannot tolerate the kid to behave in this way in the presence of the quality parent or toward people on the quality side of the blended family occasion. 

I am not sure I would invervene when the Skid is shredding the toxic side as the toxic side so often faciitates and participates in the shredding in the  direction of the quality side.

THat said, I did not tolerate my SS speaking disrespectfully to or of the SpermClan even when they were nasty POS people.   

What we did do, was make sure SS-30 was progressively introduced to the full facts of his blended family situation includin comprehensive reviews of the CO, SPermCLan arrest and divorce records, the supplemental county rules regrding 

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SS called Cookie a "whore" in front of her SO and there were no consequences. Her SO is afraid to discipline his son in at all for anything because he is afraid he won't want to come visit anymore. Both SO and BM are going to regret their lack of parenting.

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I agree that SS is talking just like BM and BF/BM are going to regret their regret their lack of parenting. They always have treated him like he is a king.  When we used to go out together and there were three ice cream cones, SS and would want all three while my kids got nothing? and BF was going to give in and I stopped that BS real quick!!! 

And as for the “whore” comment, he has been hearing this from his mother ever since she found out about me. 

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That's no excuse. Your SO is failing that kid by allowing him to act this way. What's the point of fighting for him and SS to "be together" if he's going to raise him to be, well, this? It's pure selfishness on SO's part. He's fighting for himself, not SS, if he's not going to parent any better than the "monster" BM he's trying to take time from.