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BM lies to the kids again!

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BM lied to the kids again. She can’t stand my SS ever being around me (him and I get along very very well) so he has a swim meet this weekend and the youngest has his last baseball game on Saturday so BM only signed him up for Sunday’s meet. (it’s both Sat/Sun) Can I just tell you if DH did that he would be called a bad father, selfish,he doesn’t support his kids, it’s not about what works for him ect...
so DH texted him and asked him why not Sat (last swim meet he was so excited about it and wanted to do both days) and SS said “I just didn’t feel like it” VERY out if character. He was covering up for his mother. So DH said “oh ok buddy” and SS said “why did you ask dad?” and DH told him if he wanted to go on Saturday I was going to offer to take him if mom okayed it since it’s her weekend but it’s fine if he just doesn’t want to go. 
So about 4 minutes pass and he comes back and says “dad the last sign ups were last night” so we know for a fact he went to talk to mom. This kid is smart as a whip but he is clueless about what time things start, when sign ups are ect... mom just does it and he follows along. It’s so bad! DH tries to get him more responsible with that and is setting up a calendar for him because he never has a clue so there is literally no way he knew this information. and besides, sign ups did NOT end the day before and there’s no way kom didn’t know this. She has no life at all outside of her children’s sports. It’s literally all she cares about. So, mom lied to him AGAIN because she can’t stand that he likes me. So DH said “no bud, sign ups end today and texted a screenshot of the email with the dates” 
I can’t believe how much this woman lies!!  If she’s going to give him the wrong information especially when it involves us (it didn’t this time technically but it usually does) DH is going to correct it. He’s not going to allow her to lie to these kids anymore. She does it constantly!! I’m still pissed that she told him I wouldn’t come to his birthday party because “I hate her” I was like “no sweetie. We weren’t invited. If you want us there, we will be there” 
I despise this woman. Thanks for letting me vent! I'm just go annoyed. 

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Fortuneately the facts are great tools for confronting them and the victims of their lies.

Give the kid the facts, outline the facts fully and give him the tools he needs to identify when BM is bullshitting him so that he can gain the ability to protect himself from her crap.  He will need this ability and these tools to protect himself from her crap even when he is an adult.

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One day all that lying BM does will bite her on the @ss.....maybe not now, maybe in a few years but if she continues I hope SS is smart enough to see it for himself. Unfortunately when it comes to these sort of things you can tell him your truth but they still have to go through it and see it for themselves.....Its no easy thing for a child to see and acknowledge that their parent is a liar......