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BM hacked SIL's FB account

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Then was stupid enough to email her to tell SIL that she didn't appreciate a private email SIL had sent someone else where she refers to BM by some not so nice terms.

I am a little freaked out. I have BM and her whole inbred family blocked, but SIL still had her on her fb. BM also told her in the email that she only logged in to her account to see "somebody else's profile". SIL has some of BM's fmr friends too bc she is psychotic and everyone blocks BM, but I'm afraid the crazy bitch was looking at my super private page.

Way to ramp up the crazy Sad We had not heard anything about her and now this. What would you make of this?

I don't really want to delete SIL and anyone else who is friend's with BM, bc I feel like that is letting her control me, SIL has her blocked and reported now.