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BM called DCFS

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So, now what??? Will situations like this help us in FC again? She's basically harrassing our family,interupting our family time, my man's work,he left early for this, and it puts our names into the system!All over nothing! We still have our police report,in it they specifically state how BOTH bm and SS13,at the time,stated that BD has NEVER been physically abusive to either!
all of this is craziness. We have NOTHING to hide and my house is clean yet has "kid" written all over it! our kids SSs, BK, and all others that seem to always be here, are freakin' HAPPY safe,protected, and just fine. with the exception of Mr. "Ooh I did something wrong and I do not wanna be punished for it, BOO WHOOOOO "so I wanna move out" (even now though he's grown out of that decision as well) (that's a kid for you huh) Case worker, same case worker that bm listed on her fb for any of SS's friends to contact this man,if they felt SS was being treated wrong! Yes, seriously,this bitch is trying to ask a bunch of teens that really think ALL THEIR PARENTS ARE BAD AND UNFAIR THEREFORE "MEAN TO THEM" OR TREAT THEM BAD! if your kid isn't worried about being punished whenever they run away,get caught smoking,go somewhere they do not belong or was told not to go,being disrespectful after some chances,etc...then your NOT doing a good job as a parent.! So, naturally I can only imagine what those kids had to say! There a lot of them I do not even allow at the house and for good reasons that I have yet to be proved differently about. I believe all kids deserve a 2nd chance,they just hafta ask for for forgiveness 1st.I am the Godess of this house.
So, how do I keep that BM's dramma out of it? Can she continue to get by with police and dcfs comming to our home?