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BM being a momma bear for SD14

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Sd told me that BM and her stored at the gas station with one of sd's friends.  BM sent sd and her friend in to get snacks and pay.  Sd got to the cashier and realized theat she had no idea how to use the credit card machine (insert chip and ask what color button she should press). She said the cashier told her how, but she couldn't figure it out. 

She said there was a man behind her also instructing her how to do it.  She couldn't figure it out, so the man behind her offered ti do it for her, she refused.  The man then got upset, said "look,  my cars running,  please hurry up." She then walked off to the corner of the gas station crying, waiting for the line to die down. BM calls her,  sd tells her that some man yelled at her. Sd comes barreling into the gas station telling at everyone,  "who yelled at my baby?!" She looks at the guy next in line and yells at him "was it you?!" Sd tells her no, the guy already left.  Then she yells at the cashier,  "why didn't you just help her figure out the machine?"

At this point in the story im laughing out loud so uncontrollably. I can just imagine 350lb BM charging through gas station doors yelling at everyone!  I told sd "girl, im so sorry, I would have been mortified!" I literally thought that's what she was trying to tell me,  how embarrassing the whole ordeal was.  Soooo, she was so proud to be this women's daughter,  her mother came in and saved the day.... I couldn't imagine being a 14yo crying for my mommy,  wanting her top come in and yell at everyone for me... THIS id why she cries over everything.... THIS right here. 

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This train wreck of a BM is emotionally stunting SD. She’s also setting the stage for SD to be reactive and high conflict. 

This is something BM would do with skid. She has a toxic mama bear complex too.

What a horrible example she’s setting. 

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Sd is extremely reactive and high conflict!  

I could understand id sd was 7 or 8. But sd id going to be old enough to have a job and drive herself places in 2 yrs. But there is no way she'd be emotionally ready for that!

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DS would have disowned me on the spot if I had done that. My parents would have been appalled if I couldn’t have done it with two people helping me  

Not sure about the skids. BM used to sneak their late or forgotten homework in to the teachers mailbox until the teachers told her to stop rescuing the skids and that they wouldn’t accept as turned in unless it was handed in by the skid. 

It speaks volumes that the girls couldn’t do it with two people helping her and that she was happy her mommy rescued and excused her. 

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Exactly!  She is never going to grow up at this rate.  She's not special needs or intellectually challenged except for what her mother has done to her. She's always acted less mature than most children her age.  Her cousin that is younger than get is more mature than her.  When we go to family functions my young (8-13yo) neices and nephews are all more mature than her.  She tries to play  with the younger ones,  but they don't like her playing with them,  because they are more mature than her.