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Bitch Bitch Barbie

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Where are you? I read your post the other day and now cannot find anything about what is happening. Is ChooChoo okay? I miss your insightfulness and humor. Sad

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choochoo is good's really sweet that you care:) His dad is bringing him today*fingers crossed*...
I deleted most of my blogs bc of all the drama. I'll comment now but I won't be posting anything really personal til I can trust the crowd here. So much drama and I just don't need to see it anymore...seems everyone lost their sense of humor and lost their sensitivity to emotions.

Anyway...I'll be around;) PM me if you want my facebook. ((((((((((((((BIG HUGS HONEY!!!)))))))))))) Thank you for checking on me!!!!

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Happy to hear you guys are okay. Smile

(I'm supposedly working right now. Wink be back later)

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I love this site and the friends I have made, but the drama is pushing me away. I'm actually getting more work done during the day. Ack!!

Just drop me a line sometime, and we'll have virtual Fraps together.


Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine!!!

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I just started here and I loved all that I read of yours.. plus i think your name's great Smile I havent encountered any drama yet so Im crossing my fingers on that one...Hope to see more of ya!

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Just lurking and commenting...that's all for now:)

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