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a bit OT - SS15 fed my dog grapes!

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My SS15 loves my dogs and is a very sweet kid - we get along very well. A bit flaky at times but he tries. In 5 years with his Dad I had no problems with him and my dogs (he knows we consider them part of our family). I caught him feeding my dog spaghetti one day and we both made it clear to never feed either dog anything unless he asks us first if it is OK as we occasionally give my pups table scraps.

Just the other night, one of my dogs tried to sneak a lick of guacamole when we were snacking on chips and SS15 said "avocados are bad for dogs -she can't have that, right?" I said YES, and so are grapes and raisins...they are toxic to dogs. then the VERY NEXT day DH caught SS15 feeding grapes to my dog!! DH induced vomiting then took my dog to the Emergency Vet. She is still there getting fluids and being monitored and will get a blood work recheck tonight to make sure her kidney values are fine.

I am very distraught but extremely furious with SS15. I don't understand how he can easily remember one food is toxic to dogs, then within 24 hours of being told about another food that is toxic, and forget what I just told him. I get that teens can be flaky, but not only was he told not to ever feed my dogs anything unless asking me first, but I just told him the previous day how grapes were dangerous to dogs.

I am so upset and scared thinking what the hell does it take to get it to sink in to this kids head NOT TO FEED MY DOGS ON HIS OWN, as well as remember what is dangerous for the dogs? I hope my dog will be OK but we cannot yet be certain. I told DH that I think he needs to visit my dog in hospital so his son can see the consequences of not listening or paying attention on something so important (he is 15 not 5!). He will see her with IVs in her paw and see the reality of the situation so hopefully it NEVER, EVER happens again. Any other advice from parents of teens to help get things like this to stick in a flaky teens head? If DH was not there I very well could have come to find my dog too late to help her.

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Our rule is NO TABLE FOOD. And we have never seen the boys give him any, BUT my brother typed a list of dangerous foods for dogs and it is on our fridge and another copy on the chalk board next to the cabinets.

I think your SS seeing the consequences is a good idea.

Sending healing vibes to your poor poochie.

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I had no idea that grapes were dangerous for dogs. I never feel my dog people food so it really isn't an issue in our home. The SS's don't feed the dog either.

Just asking, did your dog get sick from the grapes? I know you took it to the vet but did it actually get sick or did you take the dog for preventative measures.

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Within minutes of her eating the grapes, DH first called the poison control hotline who had him induce vomiting and several grapes came up right he did not wait for symptoms to show. DH took her to the vet within 1 hour (where she received an injection to make her vomit further). So far the only symptom is now mildly elevated kidney values which could be due to dehydration (that is my hope). Even though she showed no symptoms, she will need her kidney values every 24 hours for 2 days. Vet said some dogs can eat grapes and not be affected, while some can eat just a couple and have kidney failure. So grapes are very bad....I didn't know just how bad.

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My boy kitty eats ANYTHING green. We have no houseplants as a result. He's even tried eating the one silk plant I have. Yes, I provide cat grass for him but he loves the stuff - I feed him kale and lettuce now and then and have researched what leafy greens he can safely eat.

SD11 knows he eats anything green. She adores this cat.
She's fed him kale before (with my supervision so he doesn't get too much).
I've talked with her about what he can have and to never give him greens without asking me.

NEVERTHELESS last fall, he fell ill. Took him to vet - potential liver failure.
Vet and we could not fathom what the heck caused it.
We then researched what was in our back of the plants we are trying to eradicate, with leafy green leaves, will cause liver failure in animals.

SD11 denied she and her TF gave him anything, but in my gut, I knew they had by her reaction. I told her he almost died because someone gave him something and to never, ever do that ever. She was almost in tears. DH thinks they fed him some as well - "hey look what my cat eats!"
I do believe she learned her lesson by thinking of him dying.

If she didn't all h*ll would have come down on that house by me.
If your SS doesn't seem regretful, I'd be all over DH and SS about it.

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I'm so glad your SD felt remorseful.

I still need to speak with SS15. My dog is still not in the clear yet either. I would be more understanding of an 11 year old. But I do think SS15 is immature for his age, especially compared to his friends. I will see his reaction...he is always loving on my dogs and cuddling with them and loves having them around.

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I'm so glad my dogs are just as crazy as me......

they never had problems with grapes, or anything else.... bitch even eats my chilies off the bush and well the bush as well if there's no chilies..... she drives me crazy..... I have to hide my chocolates every time in different places, she will sniff it out and start drawling like hell till she gets some, I know it's bad for her thus I only give her a small piece... funny freaking dog... refuses to eat meat :? Yes I have the only vegetarian pit bull in the world }:) }:)