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Behavioral Therapy?

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Just curious to find out who has gone to the length of behavioral therapy for their Skids to avoid ADHD medication and work through any bad habits earned by their BM over time.

FDH and I have acquired custody of SS11 a few months ago and are experiencing some difficulties with him in class. He is FULLY capable of concentrating on his homework at home and is definitely smart enough to grasp the concepts. The teacher agrees with this as well, however he is choosing not to listen to her when she tells him to do something in class.

He has been heavily medicated over the past two years by his mother who was considered unfit due to abuse and was also accused of overmedicating him for monetary reasons through the state. So he has a good history of being medicated and that is what we are trying to avoid in the future. Any advice would be appreciated.

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What is the environment like at home when he is able concentrate on his homework? Are there other kids around, back noise or people moving about around him?

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^^^^^^ Yay.

I would also just add for the OP that the child needs time to get back to his normal self. Being abused and on meds changed who this kids was/is, and he needs to have a chemical free body.