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Been a little while...

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So it's been a while since I was on here last, but I thought I was done with Disney Dad and his rude spawn FSD8. I went back, and the pain and hurt continued, big surprise. 

My favorite story I thought I'd share with everyone is where DD decided to spend money (that he doesn't really have, especially since I was paying for everything at this point) to take FSD8 to Disneyland because she "deserved it" for getting good grades. Now I'm all for rewarding good behavior, but to go that over-the-top on something that's expected of her seems a bit much. Ice cream or something would've sufficed. 

Regardless, he lied to me about the entire trip because he knew it would piss me off. He told me he was taking his Dad down to LA to the doctor, and golfing. Even told me how he couldn't answer his phone bc he was on the course with PGA level golfers. I found out a month later that he actually took FSD8 to Disneyland, didn't golf once, and his Dad didn't even go on the trip. 

What bugs me the most is he doesn't plan these types of things for me. I have to plan every trip, every dinner, every event, and she gets the red carpet for getting good grades in elementary school? I feel like I do a lot for us and our relationship and deserve some special treatment. If he has the time and resources for anything, his first thought should be doing something for us, but it is always "precious perfect" (my nickname for her), or his drunk dad, or mommy dearest. Never the one person who loves and supports him always and expects nothing in return. 

Or when I had a minor surgical procedure and he was MIA, I had to Uber there and get a coworker to pick me up. He didn't call to check up on me afterwards or anything. Yet his dad gets a nosebleed and has to get a nose tube and he's over there catering to him hand and foot? Why didn't I "deserve" to be taken care of?

I swear, I'll never date a Disney Dad again as long as I live! 

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VERY done

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Well.. is it clear enough now?  You don't have a stepchild problem at all.  You have a partner problem. 

He is the one that made his 8 yo the way they are.  He is the one that lies to you.  He is the one making everything a priority and taking vacations while living on your dime.

Time to be done.done.

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Hey, Rancho Girl, nice to hear from you!

What the HECK were you thinking, going back to that dysfunctional mess of a man? I hope his being a lying liarhole was your last straw and you recognized how far beneath you he is.

There are men of good character out there who would cherish you. Screwed up guys like that are a complete waste of time. He'll likely go through a series of dumb bunny girlfriends before finally one with zero self esteem will stick around. Meanwhile, you'll have moved onward and upward. 

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Such a good point! Yes, I'm definitely seeing the error in my ways. Time to move onward and upward alone, and find someone eventually who is going to help me on that path, not derail me from it! 

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Insanity is doing the sames things over and over again while expecting a different result.  Please do  not repeat this painful mistake again.

Keep this asshole and his shallow and polluted gene pool in the permanent write off column.

For your own sake.


Good luck.