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Asking you, yes you part II

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How are you? Not your DH, not your biokids, certainl not your stepkiddos. Just you. 


How are you doing??

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pretty okay. life mellowed as my 2 and his 1 aged. Life's good now. Gooder anyway. After 0ver 20 years  I think we settle in okay. Wouldn't change it but might go back and tweak a few things though. 


Anyhoo, cheers to all!

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I put up with way too much toxic behavior for too long and it made me physically and mentally ill. Took me almost 4 years to get back to healthy. StepHell will NEVER make me sick again. I've just started loosening some boundaries and DHs youngest son has visited him at our home.(I have not interacted with DHs kids in over 4 years).  I've not engaged. It will happen eventually but on my terms; with him and with DHs other kids. DH and I are one the same page now...finally. Life is good. 

Glad to hear you are doing well, also! We all deserve this.

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Happy and content with where I am in life.  The anxiety from step life has faded over time.  Bratty doesn't really bother me anymore - I have control back over how much she can be in my orbit.

DH and I are just enjoying are quiet regular days together.  Life is good.

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Losing the weight I gained during the last 4 years of STress, progressing through the divorce process, working hard at my new job, enjoying my drama-free home, spending time with friends, and listening to a lot of scripture, prayers & sermons. Very healing. 

Also having A LOT of dreams. Amazing how the brain keeps working while the rest of the body sleeps. Lots of divorce dreams.

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I'm 77, these years since I retired 10 years ago have been the best of my life.  Back in the day, the women who worked for me would often stress about a milestone birthday.    I always laughed to myself because my thirties were better than my twenties, my forties were better than my thirties, etc.

My brain doesn't recall some of the worst step days, that's a blessing.  I'm healthy, another blessing.   I still have my marbles, another blessing. Lol.   Life is good.

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SS will be 30 next week.  His mom and I are proud of him.

DW and I will celebrate our 28th on Saturday.

My work is going well with the exception of my on the specrum likely bipolar #2.  He is an energy and soul sucking daily challenge.  I would love to develop him as he is exceptionally good at what he does.  But, each day I am less optimistic that I can help him get past himself.

DW and I started IP again a month ago. I am down 15lbs, DW is down 11lbs.  At this rate we will both be at goal by 



My former executive protege development mentor called me yesterday to ask if I was interested in a Corporate Director role with an agressive growth recent IPO company.  

If that comes to fruition, that would be great and hopefully a good opportunity to cap my career.

If not....

I am good.

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Determined and working hard to be independent have a support system basically have a life away from blended complications 

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Yesterday was better!
Working and taking some time off. Took a 2-day vacation with husband and it was wonderful. Back to hiking. Connection with my community and connection to dear friends.

Skids and Toxic Troll BM are not on my mind AT ALL. LOL> they used to occupy a LOT of head space. Now, however, as I have disengaged and moved forward, things are not affecting me that much. Only took about 8 years Biggrin My own fault though, I allowed things that I should not have.

Getting to a healthier place right now, and the journey is fun. 

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I am doing well. I love my new house! My job is going well. I did have to go to the ER for chest pains, but turns out it was a combo of low potassium levels and hereditary heart arrythmia. Feeling better now. Some low-class shitbag at work keeps calling out my coworkers, saying they can't do their jobs. Turns out he is the one that is trying to cover up his incompetence. He dropped my name last time and my alibi was the best ever. "I was in the ER for chest pains at that time, so you couldn't have spoken to me."  Did the boss care? Nope. He sent me a punitive email so I reminded him that I can't be in two places at once. I wish I could have seen the look on his face. Yeah buddy, check your facts before you accuse your employees. Regardless, I told him I am recording all my calls with this particular person from now on, for my own protection. 

But, other than that, I am enjoying each new challenge in life. My skids are complaining about having to meet their mom's boyfriend's kids, and being a blended family over there at BM's. (She is having BF move in!)  So DH and I are laughing at the fact that she will now be a stepmom. Have fun, bitches! Hahahahaha!!

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Doing well. DH has been doing serious therapy work relating to PASd OSD and withdrawing YSD (we haven't seen her all summer). So it's making life less stressed overall for both of us. And we are on vacation starting tomorrow for a week! We get to spend time with DHs sis (also a SM with really bad BM problems) and her family.

My kitty (my baby boy) is doing great so far with the subQ treatment and B12 supplements. He even had the zoomies this morning! He has pet sitters, people he knows, coming over 2x a day when we are gone so I don't worry.

Work is going great. I'm in line for another promotion and a raise! It's a difficult job but I like it.

Summer has been good.

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Yay Boy Kitty! Hope he keeps making progress.

And congratulations on the promotion and raise! Well deserved in these crazy times.