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Asking for a friend, not me

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Im asking this for a friend not me. My female friend is divorced with a child from her ex husband. On her Facebook page form years ago she still has photos up of her and her ex husbands wedding and posts where she is stating she married her best friend, bragging about his birthday and congratulating him on his job. These are old posts when she was still married (5 years ago). Should she take these posts down or leave them up? She is now in a relationship with another man. She is asking wether or not this is respectful or her new relationship if she leaves those posts up and barely puts any new posts up about her current relationship.

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If she is divorced but wants to keep the pictures to show her child one day that there was a time when mommy and daddy really did love each other... I would say to make them private. Stick them in a private album and change the privacy on the old posts.

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yes exactly this........

and if the new guy can't handle it, well then he's insecure and pathetic and she should consider some one more adult about her past

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I have deleted everything on FB that made mention of XH. We have my wedding album if DD ever wants to see us in happy times, but I think she's good.

I think your friend is overthinking.

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Getting a divorce does not negate that entire period of your life. Divorce doesn't delete those years from existence. They're divorced. They've moved on. No one should care that she has pictures on social media from five years ago. If she wants to delete them then they're her pictures - delete them. If she doesn't, then they're her pictures - who cares. Facebook is so stupid, and I say that as a millennial.

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I don't think it's FB that is stupid in this case Smile

I totally agree with you - delete if they are hers and they upset her, don't if they're not.

I will never understand why people try to rewrite history when they get divorced. I still have photos from when I was married to Asshat and we were places with the kids. Those pictures are part of my history.

My oldest has my wedding album, and I could not care less what she does, or doesn't do, with it Smile

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"Facebook is so stupid, and I say that as a millennial."

Gen X'er here and I agree. Deleted my account a few years ago and it's amazing how 90% of the drama in my life just went away.

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I am sure new BF doesn’t want to see this. Doesn’t want EX to be remembered this way. I don’t think any boy friend would be happy with these pictures. As you would not be happy with BF wedding photo on his Facebook page.
Remove them or make it private. If you can save them some other way I would and remove them

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My ex is wiped from my existence like I took a hammer to an external drive.