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One night...just one night in his bedroom here and stench is awful. I sent his father in with lysol AND febreeze. The windows are open and I'm avoiding that side of the house.

Does it smell worse to Step mothers or does this teenage boy smell just as awful to birth mothers? I can't imagine what his room smells like at BM's house.

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We have teenage smells, without the teenager as his mother allows him to wear the same socks all week - literally. By the time he gets to our house, the damn socks can walk themselves to school. We also have a soiling problem - which smells the room out.
You aren't alone...

I am sure it smells much worse to those who don't love them...

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Teenage boys smell to bio mom's too, except we force the in the shower & Make them spray down the room, wash the clothes, & Clean the sheets.

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My son is getting smelly and needing to shower daily at this point (13 this month). My bf's son (14 this month) obviously goes too long without showering. OMG a couple of times I've gagged. I don't know if it's butt juice or stinky feet, but good Lord, bathe already!! I've never smelled that on my son, as I make him shower when I notice the "normal" smell. He's never even had the sweatty (oniony) pit smell, just that general overall sweat smell.

Anyway, don't use all those sprays! They are so bad for people and pets.

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I agree...too many chemicals. Every time I see that Febreeze commercial where the lady is picking up stuffed animals and then then spraying it all over the floor, it pisses me off. Nice, pollute the area where your little ones will be crawling!

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teen girls smell just as bad. the whole room stinks. agree that those room odor sprays can be bad for people and pets.

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My BS room smells, like funk and sweat lol, I make him shower daily, open the window and air it out often and change the sheets. Not showering to me is unacceptable.

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Oh trust me, that smell bothers bio moms, too! My 9-year-old has already hit that "smelly" phase. I even took him to a dermatologist about it (at age eight), and she said that that's becoming more and more common, both in boys and in girls. Early puberty isn't as unusual anymore, or so the dermatologist said. My son smells like a stinky teenage boy already. I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with this so soon, but oh well. He just has to shower every day and keep the smell down with deodorant. It's about all I can do. It's not so bad in the winter, but now that it's warming up and he's outside running around every day after school, it's becoming a problem again. I smell it as soon as he gets in the car! Phew! I have to roll the windows down, and as soon as we get home, I make him go take a shower.

My skids are bad to wear their shoes without socks, and BM doesn't seem to care. The skids say they do it because they never have clean socks to put on. BM can go literally for weeks without doing laundry, so when they run out of clean clothes, they just grab dirty stuff out of the hamper and wear it. (Even underwear... :sick: ) With socks, they just don't bother to wear them once the clean ones run out.

So they come to our house stinking to high heaven, and their shoes smell so bad from wearing them without socks for days on end that we've had to throw several pairs of them away. We just couldn't get that smell out of them, even after washing them several times. I bought Odor Eaters for their shoes, but they can only do so much to combat that foot funk. They don't bathe regularly at BM's house, either, which just makes matters worse. When they come to our house without socks, we make them leave their shoes outside on the front steps. Otherwise they stink up the house.

It's DISGUSTING. I already have way too many negative feelings toward these kids, and this just makes it worse!