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anyone miss me? lol

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was away last week with fiance for an entire week. no SD13, and no devices/phones/etc. so he couldnt communicate with her. it was heaven.

the week prior was her school vacation week. she came that Tuesday and was asked what she had for homework for the week. she of course lies and says "none" and fiance BELIEVES her. why he STILL does when this has happened again, and again, and again is beyond me. he texts her before we get on the ship nearly 5 days later (sunday, she's due back to school the next day) and she was bitching about her science project and how hard it was and how she didnt know how she'd get it done. a PROJECT that was due the next day. a PROJECT that she should have been working on all week instead of being on her flippin' phone/ipad/tv. love how she lied again and there will be no consequence. a failing grade on it means nothing to her so that's not even consolation, and her parents wont punish her.

so nice to have been away from lunacy all week! i have plans for tomorrow's visit then im out of town for thursday's visit.

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The failing grades mean nothing until they are 16/17 and taking Freshman classes with 13/14yos. Sometimes kids just need to learn on their own.