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Anyone here from NY or Familiar with child support laws

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In NY Child-support goes to 21 unless the child gets married or moves out. I Recently heard if the child continues on into college and lives at home with parent that Received child support then child  support can go to 23! I also heard the parents are Responsible for paying for health insurance for the child till they turn 26!!! Is this also true??? anyone here from New York or Familiar with child support laws for New York State?

Both STep kids are lazy and NO way going to leave “mommy” at 18 . The oldest Stepkid is already 18 with no job, no drivers License and Repeating the last year of high school. I’m sure BM will push both kids into college or whatever to drain DH of more money as long as possible. Regardless if they go to college or not I can’t seen either kid leaving “home” with a job before 30 

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I am in NY, and no - that's not true. CS and health insurance stop at 21, regardless of if they are in college. My DH was ordered to help with college tuition, but only up to age 21 (thankfully SS dropped out).  Who gave you that information?

You CAN insure your child up to 26, but the court can't order you to.

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I got the information from a divorced friend who said the laws have changed recently. She said DH is required to split the cost of health insurance for the brats with BM intill they turn 26 unless they get their own health insurance which I don't see that happening. I"m hoping she is wrong and when they turn 21 ALL and EVERYTHING financial stops unless we want to give.

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Your friend is lying or confused.

Parents in all 50 states have the OPTION of keeping their children on their health insurance until they are 26. I kept my son on my health insurance pass 21 because my union has dirt cheap family health and dental plans.  CS ends at 21 unless the divorcee decree states otherwise. 

I live in NYC.


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Child support goes to 21, however, if it's in the divorce decree regarding college responsibility it can go until age 24. He can also claim that student on his taxes until age 24 if he's paying support.

Under Obamacare, parents can cover their children until age 26 voluntarily but I doubt the court would enforce it beyond age 21 unless they were a full time student.

My husband just cut his 25 year old son financially but still covers his major car expenses and auto insurance. 

His 22 year old daughter is a college senior with one semester to go and still sucking from her parenall teats full time and no doubt will continue through graduation and her internship...

I'm counting the days until she's completely weaned but not holding my breath waiting...

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My husband just cut his 25 year old son financially but still covers his major car expenses and auto insurance. 

Geez, must be nice.

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LOL, right?? How does that constitute "cutting him off financially?"

If the 25yo sonny boy can't afford to pay for his own car and insurance, then he doesn't need a car. He can get a job that pays enough to cover a bus pass.

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The American child support laws are tough seems like you got to pay for these kids forever.