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Anyone else like us/Generational Stepparenting

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Does anyone get along super well with the BP's parents/stepparents?
I get along super well with BM's SM, I'll call her N. BM's mom (I'll call her Grandslut cause it's super fitting) did to her what BM did to my SS, which was to peace out and let N raise BM so she could go live her slutty life. It's like it's hereditary to abandon their kids. So N was me 20 years ago, and BM is very much acting like Grandslut did then with behavior of SS like his BM as a teen. I lean heavily on N as my confidant/voice of reason. Nobody understands like N does and can provide wisdom that she can cause she's already lived this life. I've never seen anyone post anything about having a similar situation like ours, and I'm just wondering if we're unique.