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Anyone Else Stuck with SKID Because of COVID-19?

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If you know my situation, you'd recall we have SD8 full-time and BM takes her for summer visitation due to long-distance. She has her for 2 whole straight months in the summer and that's it all year long... 

But now I'm stuck with her UNTIL SUMMER 2021. I like my stepdaughter, I really do. She's not a "bad" kid per say and I do care for her... I've raised her pretty much her entire life. But oh my GOD i'm losing it here. 

I look forward to summer - always have for the past 6 years since I've been in her life. It's my little bit of "peace" where I don't have to feel any bit of resentment, annoyance, etc. that comes with living with someone else's child all the time. 

Anyone else in my shoes? Just wanted to rant a bit lol!

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Why is this summer being skipped? Is it the COVID-19 stuff?

I can relate and don't blame you for feeling that way! I really like my SS5, he's a very good kid and we're close. But it's always nice to have time away from kids! And bio parents feel the same I know it, as much as some of them worship their kid. Can you maybe have your SD stay with another relative for a period of time in the summer if it isn't BM? 

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Yep, the COVID-19 stuff. She lives about 16 hours away so we can't risk driving that far with my little 2.5 year old boy in the car/stopping at a hotel, restaraunts, and all. I wish but we are completely isolating from relatives too lol! 


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She isn't willing to come get her child?  She would rather just not see her until next year?

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If we don't bring her, visitation doesn't happen lol! It's been that way since we lived a short 4.5 hours from her. That's why we felt comfortable moving across province... because she doesn't REALLY care anyways and SD only cares about going because she has fun there, not because she misses her. They don't have much of a relationship. 

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My step kids go with their dad in the summer and man o man do I look forward to that every year it's also my peace my vacation away from them.... I really would appreciate if my significant other would stop trying to have me go on trips to go pick them up.... because we live in a different state and their father lives in Alaska... I feel like the older they are getting the more needy and irritating they are becoming and I do hope they leave for the summer this year because this whole stupid virus thing had really put a hinder on my sanity but because I have to be home but because they are here all day and I know their mom would rather have them at school not here

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I'm at home with my bios and this is HARD!

I know how much you were looking forward to your summer break. 

Hang in there and vent here as much as you want.


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Thank you! 

I definitely want to vent because I feel like I coop up all of my feelings throughout the year and only really get to truly enjoy my living space, my son, activities, etc. in the summer, so it's feeling like a huge loss for me right now. I love my stepdaughter, but I'm the one who has to pay for everything, organize activities, etc. and sometimes I just want to do or pay for my son without having to do or pay for her too. Summer is when I organize all sorts of fun for us without feeling guilty that I don't want to share my time, affection, etc. 

Ugh it's just total crap lol! 


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Completely feel you.

It has been a very difficult 3-week since we all are stuck at home. Now that the spring break is probably not happening, BM has legit reasons not to see her son. (She has him only holidays and summers, and supposedly one weekend every month. She has not seen her own son this year so far)

It's not fun and it's super stressful. I'm in fear I'll be stuck in this situation forever because the kid just don't have any living skills (and common sense). Now that the schools can't open he's just gonna be even more behind..