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Any skids miraculously not been sick lately?

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I find it pretty amusing that for the last 2 months neither skid has been sick one time.

it must be a miracle!

Usually (when school is in) both skids 17 and 12 are "sick" and miss school once a week on average....and BM has them at every doctor possible....and they end up at some specialist or the hospital ..and everyone gets panicked and then they move on from that and onto another illness because nothing is ever really found to be wrong with them. LOL

but wow...2 whole months of no school and lockdown....and not one sickness. Ironic!

any other miracles out there?

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Ha! It's amazing! 

FormerSO's kid used to lay out quite frequently and his grandmother (formerSO's mom) would race him to the dr and DEMAND antibotics. He had some every other month ( never finishing them of course) for his fake cough, headache, wtfever. I'm surprised he's never had c diff. I'm sure he is miraculously well also. And for sure not doing school work - just getting shoved along to passing. 

I couldn't even imagine had I not left... I would have had a damn nervous breakdown. Feel for y'all stuck in stephell.