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Am I wrong?

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So I expect to get skewered for this but maybe some advice as to what to do now. My brother was remarried 3 years ago. I am close to my ex sister-in-law and like my new one as well. They are a much better match and everyone is happy. Both sister-in-law and ex sister-in-law get along very well too. I gained a nephew when they were married and included him in my wedding. I go out of my way to buy him special gifts that he likes. I always include him when I do anything for the nephews i have had all my life. That said I posted something on facebook about how proud I was of my nephews for being such a good cousins the last 16 years to their cousin who is autistic. I tagged their mom and not their dad because he does not have facebook.

Tonight i got a text my brother that said nice post but she is not my wife and you left out your other nephew. I took the post down. I really wasn't trying to be mean. I am actually surprised she even cared enough to tell my brother. I did not mean to hurt her. She is good to my husband and I and I feel badly but also think my brother is over reacting. Should I reach out and apologize to my sister-in-law? I think I have a good relationship with her.

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Yep, I agree I rarely post. My sister was having a bad day so I was trying to show her she has support.

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Actually he is ten he is my brothers step son but to us he is a son and nephew. He just wrote me a note and said I am not mad i know you were not trying to be mean it just her feelings. I am going to drop her a note tomorrow. I am a second wife and not a lot bothers me but I suspect she was bothered for her son more than for herself.

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Your SIL was being a petty, insecure ass.

Your post wasn't about her or her son. She took something innocent and turned into something ugly.

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Thanks for all your comments. I sent my bro a note last night that I would never want to hurt sis-in-law. He wrote back that he knows that and she was having a rough day. I sent her a note this morning that I finished a project for her and was dropping it in the mail and was sorry about posting. She just wrote back all good and she is excited for it.

One note, I really hope my ex sis-in-law stays in our lives. She is a good person and they all get along. I think a lot of problems in divorces come from money. Luckily that is not an issue and they parent my nephews well. My ex sis-in-law will even take the new nephew when it makes sense - like to a birthday party, or a game. I think one feels like "he's her problem now" and the other feels like "I am lucky to have him". So this may be a rare case and will continue to work well and I will be careful not to make those mistakes again.

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Non issue. Edit your post and add your nephew and tag your newest SIL. End of problem. If they can't recognize that this is a non issue following that, fuck em. Call it a typo and move on.

In light of the immediately above comment... never mind.