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am i vindictive?

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So when i moved out I took all my furniture. This included the bed base and wardrobe that SD17 had. I did inform her that i was taking it this weekend as i also told my SO i would be taking everything of mine.
i left her her mattress.
Now my SO has called me vindictive because i did this.
my question is ... am i???

She still had a mattress to sleep on the floor with, its not like i left her with nothing!

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What's vindictive about taking what was yours to begin with?

He knew you were leaving, knew you were taking what was yours, he should have bought her something.

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He didnt have time to.
Thats not my problem though.
Honestly cant see the harm in little princess sleeping on the floor - IMO might do her some good!

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Or taking a butcher knife to it.

We can show him vindictive, if he needs the difference shown to him.

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Hahaha Cat
What i really wanted to do was throw it out in the rain while i loaded my van and then put it back soaking wet!
Decided that was too much effort and i would leave with my head held high!!

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I dont think he knows the meaning of the word vindictive.... had we split up and i left then yes i may well have been but we are still together at present. I just cant live with his kids.

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No way in hell were you vindictive!! Being vindictive would've been slicing that mattress to shreds and scattering it up and down the street (sooo tempting!).

He can get off his ass and buy her a bed instead of calling you names. What a childish moron! You sure you wanna stay in the relationship with him? He doesn't sound worth it at all!

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Thanks everyone. I have already told him he is spineless. Ive also told him that he needs to support/back me and stop pampering to her. He doesnt listen. I moved out. He is cross with me for not staying and working it out. Ive had 6months of being disrespected and he hasnt done anything. He gave me no choice.
I wont go anywhere near SD17 ever again.
and as far as i care she can sleep on floor. She never appreciated the use of my furniture or anything else i did for her. i dont feel guilty. I feel relieved to be out of there.

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Taking your belongings is not vindictive regardless of what your STBX has to say. He is just trying to demonize you and make himself feel better.

Deep breaths and take care of yourself.