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Am i being unreasonable?

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Long time ago since i posted. im in a relationship with a Disney father and a SS,10 year old. Daddeeeees little prince. SS is a wimp. Holding daddeees hand on the street and cuddling all day as a 10 year old. But im used to it now. Me and DH had a massive arguement. I cook every single evening. We agreed that he did lunch(making a sandwich) on saturday and sundays while i do dinner every single night. The wimp SS cant make his own sandwich. Anywhay,i was on my phone minding my own business. Dh was playing his videogames. SS was hungry already at 11.30. He went to daddee to ask when he was getting fed. DH asked me if i could do it. And all i said was,its not 12.00 yet and it was his turn. I also said that he turned 10 and should be doing it himself. Boy what a mistake that was. Started shouting at me that it should not be around turns and that the little angel was starving. im sorry,but i cook every single day in the evenings. is it too much too ask that he makes a sandwich for his prince and am i being a monster to think that a 10 year old should make his own sandwich with peanutbutter???

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Yeah, there are no turns unless YOU want turns. It's his kid, he can feed him all the time now, including dinner.  If he can't stop playing his videogames to get his own kid lunch, that's not your problem.

I'd be furious with DH for that.  I hope you didn't make the kid lunch.


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Seriously!  How hard is it to slap some lunch meat between two slices of bread?  Hell, 5 year olds should be able to do that.

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If he is so worried about his little darling starving, why does he not feed him? His kid, his problem.

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My kids were making grilled cheese, scrambled eggs and some other simple dishes at that age

Make your own sandwich!!!

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But the bigger problem is the way he is treating you.  You are not the kids mother. You will never be his mother.  If DH want to see his son then he takes care of him.  You have to disengage, you have your reason now.  No more cooking, cleaning, babysitter or any of your money goes to SS.  Your DH has to respect you,and stop treating you as hired help, who gives him sex 

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Your DH needs to get off his ass and TEACH his son how to make a sandwich.  

I also cook dinner just about every night and I stopped cooking for YSS completely a while ago, for a few reasons.  If my DH was busy and wanted my help, he would ask very nicely.  If he yelled at me like this, I would lose it. 

Also, as a cautionary tale, my DH coddled YSS for way too long.  That comes back to bite you when the kid keeps getting older and the skills don't mature.  Trust me. 

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I work the overnight shift and babysit my 1yr old granddaughter when I get off from work at 8:00am ..All of kids are grown and on their own and his 18 yr old daughter  and 16 yr old son still live at home.His austic son can't even open up a can of tuna.I refused to help him since his lazy father wouldn't do it.Now he eats mustard,barbecue, and mayonnaise sandwiches. Nothing in between and his lazy daughter doesn't do anything around the house .I refuse to be a maid to his kids 

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It starts with a sandwich  then moves on to school projects,  homework,  taxi service, financial backing for things the kid will quit anyway .

You cook all week. Sorry.. no are not unreasonable  to not want to drop what you were doing,  even if you were  doing NOTHING... 12 is the time. Maybe you carved out time to tend to things for yourself.

That is your time and your choice to do with it as you please  not as a 10 year  old dictates. 


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Been there done that.  "No, no and no." was my answer.  "OSD is 10, she can make her own lunch and you can help her figure that out."

Walk away.