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All quiet since SD14 left but now.....

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I am at a loss. SD14 left us back a few months ago to go back to her BM's house and live like trash.(it has been wonderful having her gone!) About a month ago SD14 gets arrested for stealing and her BM calls her dad to say she cant handle her anymore and she has to come live with us. He tells her no. SD14 tells her therapist that her father once tried to get on top of her. So DCFS shows up at my house and removes him cause of my little kids until they can straighten this out. SD14 and her BM wont respond to DCFS so they are dragging this out. (Mostly BM has to hide the other shit going on in her house, and prob doesnt want DCFS anywhere near them) SD14 has made accusations towards her BM boyfriends in the past like this as well and nothing has come from it. She wants money from them and when they dont bow down to her, this is what she pulls. Honestly, I am at a loss, devastated. My hubby's devastated, he is sick over this, cant believe this is how low she would stoop. Oh god someone tell me we are going to get through this!

Funny thing is, when BM called my hubby to tell him about the arrest and SD14 coming back to our house, SD14 ripped the cell out of BM's hand and screamed into the phone at him "I'm going to tell them you got on top of me when I was little, i'm never coming back" So then BM gets back on the phone with my hubby and tells the SD14 to "stop lying, you're not doing this again, you are going to face up to what you did". BM told my hubby, that SD14 is lying to get out of coming to our house. Well, tell DCFS that.

Tell me we will get through this.

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Oh, dear God. I'm so sorry. I hope she doesn't end up with you.

I can see this happening with us in a few years. BM will be unable to deal with the monster she created in SS9 (not to mention the fact that she loses interest in her kids once they hit their teens) and she'll want to drop him off at our door.

Nope! Not happening, BM!

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I totally want to teach this kid a lesson! I will look into what you suggest about civil false allegation charges....she has hurt a lot of people in the past by doing this and now us, my family.

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no, no lawyer yet. he's just not sure what the hell is going on, i dont think he has even taken a breath since it all happened on Tuesday. we have no clue what to do. the dcfs agent said that the BM wont call her back to do the next step, which is a forensic investigation with the SD14. They have to have this all done by the 18th.

I think if this keeps going after the 18th, we will get attorney. We are just lost, whats right?

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I have been thinking about that, what if she just shows up one day? I want something in place that says she cannot do that. I have two bioboys 7 & 2 to think about, and even myself - what if she claimed something against me??!! She hates me, I'm the one that uncovered her internet porn videos (of herself) the potsmoking, lying, head full of lice, multiple sex partners, wont do homework, list goes on and on - SHE HATES ME.

After this is all said an done, Is there some kind of order we can put in place to protect ourselves and the false criminal charges? what are the legal terms for this stuff? what kind of lawyer do we call?

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ok, that helps with the restraining order thing, you know i am just so angry, we tried to help her when she spent a few months living with us, and there were ups and downs, but now this - it just hurts, and I'm scared for my DH, i know the accusations are false, but it doesnt change the fact that after it is all said and done SD14 and BM keep beating him into the ground wearing him down. My Biokid7 even had to be questioned and he was so confused, he doesnt know anything about any of this stuff!!!! This happened Tuesday and he has asked me everyday since about some of the questions he was asked. My kids know not to let her or her mom in. DH will not forget and he will never say she "has changed."