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Ah...the boyfriend is back

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I've had a blissful 6 weeks of no SD17s boyfriend crap.

what I didn't know until about 10 days ago is that it was BFs parents that forbid him contact with SD17 during covid. I should have known since SD never asked for him to come over.

we have been totally social kids have not seen any friends and we have had no company and rarely enter a store.

On Friday...BFs parents decided that SD17 should come over and surprise him for his she did....

And now today DH is asking if I care if BF comes over? I asked him if social distancing in our house was over? And told him that my kids will start seeing there friends again if that's the case....he got all weird and short with me.

so basically my DH is letting the BFs parents dictate the social distancing?? Am I seeing that right? So SD had already asked DH if BF can come over then he asks me instead of just saying NO.....after he's spent the last month hard core judging everyone who is having company.

yeah makes perfect sense.

I am sure tonight in my house will be a real treat lol 



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Oh! Didn't you get the memo?!

Special Snowflakes don't get Covid 19 or transmit it.

All better now.

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I missed it!! Haha

DH ended up telling SD no when he got home after she begged and acted like an a-hole going off on him....not to worry....he did say maybe tomorrow because who can just use NO and end it lol .she wasn't having it so she called BM to come get her so now she is at BMs with her BF. Works for me.  Bye.

And DH is of course acting like his dog just died because for once in his life he actually said no and stuck to it. But we all know why he said no...because I would have freaked the F out on him so now he's mad at me and it's all my fault as usual.



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Yes it's all your fault, it could never be he is a complete failure as a father & husband. 

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Right! And what's funny is that he spun the whole thing on me. We had not once discussed easing our rules on not having the kids friends over...

he just sends me a text saying "do you care if BF comes over tonight?"  I replied with "oh our social distancing is over" then he went on about how I got rude with him and how he was just trying to discuss easing up on the rules and see my thoughts on it....but that's not what he asked me....he simply asked if BF could come over.

it will happen again today as SD is supposed to be back over here.....


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I'd call out his attitude:

"DH, I'm not getting blamed for this. You and I both agreed this house would social distance. You have been hardcore judging people who have had people over. The rest of the kids, and us, will not live under different rules than SD. This sucks for EVERYONE, but this isn't my fault. You've set the precedent with SD when things go wrong to allow her to run back to BM. You wanna be sad that she used that against you? Fine. But I sure as hell am not going to be blamed for something that WE agreed to and that YOU have enforced here and judged elsewhere."

If this is how he acts everytime he has to parent, then he has taught SD well on how to be dramatic.

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I will do that tonight as I expect a round 2.

He never parents....besides telling BM that he wouldn't contribute to a car for SD....this is the first time in 4 years that he has said no to his kids and stuck to it.

his kids know that the 10th time they ask he caves and says yes....I even over heard my own daughter last night asking SD "did he say yes yet?".

My mother in law literally cried this morning when I told her that SD left here yesterday cause DH said BF couldn't come over....MIL hasn't seen her own friends in weeks but thinks BF should come know because poor SD. Lol 

So because my teen kids don't have a "boyfriend" their friends should be banned but it's okay for BF to be here. Yeah it doesn't work that way. 


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If anyone wants an update. SD refused to come here yesterday again because DH said no to BF.

This is his weekend to have skids so either there will be a huge blow up over BF coming over here (NO) or SD will remain at BMs and once again it will be my fault!

DH has not mentioned the situation once, which is our number one issue... no real communication.


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Oh hell no. For that idiot move, SD-17 needs to stay TF with BF's parents for the two week isolation period. Don't let her back into your home until you are confident she has spent two weeks with no primary or secondary contact with anyone outside of BF's parent's home. Let those idiots feed her.