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9 year old talks like he is from New York

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My 9 year old step son has some kind of speech problem, he talks like hes from New York we live like 3000 plus miles away in Canada lol  i dont know how else to describe it. 

If he was in fact from  New York it wouldnt be a proplem ( once again i dont know how to describe it,) all of his words are hard to understand. 

Nobody is doing anothing about it.  I try and correct him and try and tell him how to say the words corrects he gets sky giggles and doesnt do it. so i just dont care anymore. How can his mum or dad ingore this terriable speech ? mabye when he was younger they didnt care as much mabye thought it was cute, hes going to be 10 now, its far from cute. Can you imgaine a grown man talking like that ?  by the way w are as far away as possiable in BC nowhere close to New york. 

It just annoys me just needed to Vent as the wonderfull little boy is coming over today along with his amazing 16 year lazy brother. Fun to be had. lol 

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I'm in BC as well. I also had the same problem with both of my SKs. They tried every which way to make themselves way younger than they were including the undeveloped speech patterns. SS did it because he was younger than SD and SD spoke like she was from New York until she was 12. When I mentioned to DH no matter how gently, even with a phony lilt to my voice, he ripped my head off and shit down my throat. It drive me fucking wild.

SD went between her New York accent to her "uniquely SD" way of speaking. Again, that went on until she was 12. DH thought it was the cutest thing ever. "Dad-a, can-a I-a play-a on-a the computer-aaaaa? At the end of the sentence she'd drag it out and bring her voice up an octave. OMG! Drove me bananas because if my DD ever spoke like that I'd think there was a problem. The problem was that SD was the most extreme attention whore I had ever met and it was amazing the lengths she would go to get attention, especially from DH. One day, DH saw the look on my face and later on asked me what my damn problem is with such a cute girl talking in such a cute way. I went up to him and looked him in the eye and told him that it's no longer a matter of whether or not something is cute. There's a fucking problem and neither he nor BM are doing a damn thing about it. DH got upset and asked what the hell can he do. I said either tell her to knock it off or take her for testing. In addition to her way under developed speech, there are so many other babyish things she does and she hasn't matured AT ALL in the last five years and if it were me in relation to our DD together, I would have had that kid in some kind of professional assessments years ago. Next thing I knew SD wasn't talking like that. I have no idea if it was a coincidence or if DH finally told SD to either knock it off or he'll take her to the doctor. 

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Interesting ,, yes i said he needs some help, he said what do you want me to do about it ? i only have him 4 days a month,  I wish i could attach a voice recoring to this so you can hear him talk.  Water is  waddder,, drives me freaking nuts. hes not pretending at all its his speech issues and neglect of not doing something about it when he was younger . 

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I just went on your page you did attach a  vidoe,,, i wonder if i would be alllowed to attached a voice vidoe of him talking ,, not his face or anything just his voice ? what do you think ? 

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YSD had/has a speech problem as well. She lisped a bit and couldn't pronounce her "R" or 'L" properly. It took the school intervening to get her any speech therapy. I had noticed it as she got older but AGAIN, ignored. It was "lazy tongue" or something like that. The speech therapy really helped. She STILL does it though if she doesn't want to talk and mumbles all.the.time. But not my deal.

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Lazy tounge ? ill look into that  Smile i also think my partner should do a parent teacher conference and talk to his teachers. 

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What's wrong with these parents who don't want to help fix their children with medical care, therapy, etc...? Just stick your head in the sand and hope it will fix itself? Drives me nuts. Child neglect, in my opinion. 

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My thoughts are that by age 9, if the issue is prominent enough.. wouldn't his school have brought it up? suggested speech therapy?  

Poor speech in children can have many underlying causes.. hearing.. other physical or neruo issues.. and I can see a parent brushing something minor away.. hoping for it to pass.. or grow out of it.. I would think that the professionals at a school should be more inclined to have an educated viewpoint that would carry more weight with him.

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At 9, he'd already have outgrown this ... but you already knew that. So, they are fighting to find ways to do nothing to help their son. How pathetic.