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17 straight days start today

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But good news! DH is taking this week of plus 2 days next week! I'm so relieved. There are no big plans but just having him there to buffer is a big help. I mean it is HIS visitation, not mine. On top of that, something funny happened. SS12 forgot to bring his cell phone on this long visit. It's funny because ss and his mom talk and text constantly while he's with us. It doesn't bother me but it frustrates dh. Plus ss usually complains to his mom about being bored. There have been times ss hates being with us so much he cries and calls his mom crying. (roll my eyes) Anyway, this trip he has no cell phone! Another plus is that bm won't call me or dh. Woo hoo!

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Yes, that is how I felt too. Dh insisted on hitting his 30 days this summer. I told him if he did we had to break it up. And yes, usually since I am a stay at home mom I see more of ss than dh does. Dh kept saying he wasn't going to take off any time which didn't make sense. Why get your kid if you aren't even going to spend time with him? So luckily, he's taking off. It is SO hard with mine & dh's 3 young ones and even harder when we (I) have ss. This has just been the looooooongest summer EVER!

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I'll tell you's so he can take credit for being the 'great Dad' without having to actually spend the time being 'the great Dad' these guys are really making me mad.....

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Dh wanted 30 straight!! I laughed. 17 straight is enough! Wait, weekends are enough for me! I know some step parents have their skids all year, but dh isn't custodial. So this 17 day straight is long to me!

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Dear God I would lose my friggin mind. We had SD5 for 9 days straight at the beginning of summer and even though H took the time off it was excrutiating. It was actually worse BECAUSE he was there. She's needy and whines all the time and he runs around catering to her every little whim. It's disgusting. The only time I had alone with H during her visit was when she went to bed but by then he was exhausted from pampering the princess all day and I was exhausted from trying to find ways to avoid being around them. Not to mention her whining and lying had rubbed off on my BD4 by the end of it so I was also putting a lot of energy into trying to correct her behavior. I am really not looking forward to having her for another 6 days at the end of this month but at least H can't take time off so maybe she will be easier to tolerate as she seems to only be this way around H. Good luck hun, I feel for you...btw, Xanax is the new "mommy's little helper"... just kidding...sort of.

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Xanax...ha ha! Well it's only been 2 days and DH is already talking about ways to 'entertain' SS12. (roll my eyes) So that will be our struggle this week-tryin to explain to dh we don't entertain our own kids everyday and so we don't have to with his son either. The good thing is that DH is pretty good about taking our oldest 2 and SS out of the house- even just to the park, pool, or walking around our mall. So I'm hoping I won't even be around them this week much.