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16 year old sick

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Just found out the 16 year old is sick and the 9 year old is still coming over, the 16year took a covid test but he said it came up blank ?  and he doesnt want to take another one , the 9 year old is still coming over against my wishes and my concern. 

i cant get sick as i have had a colitis flare up all week. Im also seeing my mother tomm.   The young one says he feels feels fine and showing no symtoms . I really dont fell right having him as they are carriers on a  good day. 

he will be over in 1 hour, my partner said it will be ok as the young one isnt ill. 

hope he is right . 

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If he won't take another test then, by default, I would treat the blank as if it were a positive. Better safe than sorry.